Different Procedures To Enhance Diamond Clarity And Shape

By | September 7, 2016

Different Procedures to Enhance Diamond Clarity and Shape



Diamonds are said to be the hardest precious stone in the world. These stones, which are an allotrope of carbon, are formed over thousands of years when they are pressured and compacted in the Earth s mantle. Diamonds are stones that are like lattice glasses, which illuminate in the presence of light. However, diamonds that come in contact with other chemicals, such as boron or nitrogen, may contain impurities and thus lack brilliance.

Since diamond is one of the most commonly used stones in making jewelry, molding them into perfection is a must. Some of these diamonds even sell for about two million dollars when they are perfectly refined and are free from impurities or cracks. Indeed, diamonds add to the aesthetic appeal of an apparel or jewelry and complement its luxurious look.

There are two terms used in describing the clarity of a diamond. These are inclusions and blemishes; both can be present or absent in a diamond. The former includes the diamond\’s apparent spots of white, black, or deformities such as cracks. The latter pertains to the unnatural cut on the diamond or the roughness that it has. These two problems can be removed by using laser drilling and fracture filling.

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Transparency and Clarity Enhancing Treatments

Laser Drilling: This process uses a tiny laser beam to drill inside the diamond and create a tunnel-like intrusion to remove impurities inside it. If the chemical is too stubborn to be removed, then a chemical solution is placed in the tunnel to clean the area. This type of cleaning is used when the dirt inside the diamond is very visible. Although the laser drilling method\’s effects are permanent, it does not alter the hardness of the diamond popularly used in

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Fracture Filling: It is a treatment used to fill in a diamond s cracks; it uses a glasslike substance. The cracks do not disappear as the filling only creates an optical illusion to make the diamond appear like it is in complete shape. If a fracture filling seems inadequate, then the diamonds are cut in another way to remove the damaged part. Some

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perfectly cut diamonds to make it appear better and smoother.

However, for people who do not want their diamonds to be polished or reshaped, they can just choose among the various types of diamonds displayed at

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. A good example are brown diamonds that look alluring as polished diamonds but with an added bronze hue in them.

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