Taiwan’s “Doritos Coolpedia” website announces top “Internet Quote”

Taiwan’s “Doritos Coolpedia” website announces top “Internet Quote”

By | October 12, 2018

Friday, November 2, 2007

“Among men, La-La; among horses, Red Hare” (In Chinese: ?????????) was recently elected as the “Best Internet Cool Quote”.

Laa-Laa refers to the yellow character from the Teletubbies television series, and Red Hare refers to military general Lü Bu’s horse during China’s Three Kingdoms period.

The quote was given its title after a two-week voting period, that started on October 14 until PepsiCo Taiwan & Doritos announced “Top 10 Internet Cool Quote” on October 31. Voting was on the Doritos Coolpedia website, which started on September 28.

Voting attracted more than 10,000 Internet users from 64 countries participating and electing.

Coolpedia is a portal for teens and young adults to share and contribute their creations, and interact.

At the announcement event was the famous Taiwanese band “MACHI Brothers” (MACHI). Described by Pepsico as a symbol of younger people in the presence of the e-Century in Taiwan, MACHI serves as spokespeople for the website. Members of band dressed in different “Cool Quote T-Shirts” to symbolize the “unlimited creation” of Coolpedia.

On November 1, Coolpedia launched a website for a “Cool Video Award” contest, with the slogan “No pictures, no truth!”. PepsiCo Taiwan has suggested that the site will be a major Web 2.0 site.

Why Companies Should Go Public Without A Public Shell Or Reverse Merger

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By Jason Wilson

Many small companies often wonder how to take a company public. They may have heard in past years about doing a reverse merger with a public shell, which is a very risky transaction.

It’s a really bad idea to do a reverse merger with a public shell corporation. The SEC has made some adjustments that have made public shell corporations nearly obsolete. In these economic times, it’s much more difficult to get a buy a public shell, and the sellers of the shell many times cannot meet the standards when they are reviewed by the buyer. This is a process that the buyer can go through spending thousands of dollars on and end up with the transaction falling through completely.

If the seller of the shell doesn’t comply with the buyers requests and supply the documents necessary to sell their shell to the buyer. If the shell company cannot meet the buyers requests, they will not satisfy the due diligence requests of the buyer, and therefore it will not work. As you can see, this situation is very undesirable and only prolongs the process of going public.

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Reverse mergers, or RTO’s (Reverse Takeover) as a way of going public is something all companies should avoid at all costs. Filing a registration statement (typically an S-1 registration statement) with the SEC is a much more advantageous than a merger with a publicly traded company:

A. By filing a registration statement, it allows you to structure your company as you prefer. If you decide to merge with a publicly traded company or shell corporation, you must accept a shareholder base that you are not familiar with and who may sell shares into the market at an unfavorable time.

B. Using a reverse merger to become a publicly traded company rather quickly used to be one of its advantages. This is no longer true, because SEC rules now require that you have your financial statements audited when doing the merger. Prior SEC rules gave you 75 days to have the financial statements prepared. Also, the document which must be filed to report the reverse merger (Form 8-K) must now have the same exact information as the registration statement.

C. Costs are now much more substantial than they used to be. An OTC trading company will demand as much as $750,000 for the reverse takeover process. There are other ways to complete the process of taking your company public for $100k or less, with a small amount of stock included in the deal.

Being a publicly traded company can help a company grow in many ways. The best way to accomplish this is to do it without using a public shell or a reverse merger. Any company has the ability to go public, and with the new SEC rules in effect it makes much more sense to file the S-1 registration statement than to use other methods. It’s easy to see how the costs alone can really make this an easy decision.

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Hezbollah strengthening, according to Israeli Defense Minister

Hezbollah strengthening, according to Israeli Defense Minister

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008File:Flag of Hezbollah.svg

On Tuesday, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak told troops training in the Golan Heights that Hezbollah and Syria are strengthening and that the delicate balance that Israel has had with the Lebanese militant group since the end of the Second Lebanon War is threatened.

“The other side is getting stronger. It is not a coincidence that we are holding a large-scale intensive exercise here in the Golan,” said Barak. “We’re following closely the violations of the [regional] equilibrium by Hezbollah and Syria, and the strengthening beyond the fence.”

Later, Barak told Israeli television that the Second Lebanon War “turned out into a major launching pad to upgrade Hezbollah’s power.” Barak also criticized the former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon and the Israeli government for not acting wisely “by not responding to Hezbollah’s growing capabilities/”

These statements follow a move by the Israeli Security Council, which last week decided to hold the Lebanese government responsible for any attacks that Hezbollah creates.