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By | May 16, 2017

Submitted by: Kelly Marshall

You may have heard of raw diet feeding for dogs and maybe even balked at the idea. However, many studies are showing there are many benefits to feeding a raw diet over a processed one. One of the main problems that many people run into is cost and preparation of the raw dog food.

What is Feeding Raw?

Feeding raw means, you are feeding your dog whole ingredients that are raw. The raw food you are feeding is human food, this way you know exactly what your dog is eating, no preservatives and no additives, just pure food.

What do You Feed?

You will be feeding raw meaty bones, and the dog will eat the meat and the bones. The bones when they are raw are soft and pliable; they only become splintered when they are cooked. Therefore, you never want to give a dog a cooked bone of any kind, because it will splinter and it can cause the dog to choke.

Additionally, you will not be feeding any grains to your dog, which they do not need, instead, you will be feeding some vegetables, eggs, yogurt, and some fruits. Many of the raw meats you will be giving your dog includes chicken, turkey, quail, pork, beef.

What About Bacteria?

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This is where you will need to handle meat just as carefully for the dog as you would if you were eating it yourself. You can freeze the meat in portions and take it out the night before to thaw for the next day’s feeding.

Moreover, many companies make it very easy for you to purchase frozen raw meat for your dog or a mix of vegetables and fruits that can be mixed with the meat. This is very handy if you simply do not have time to handle the meat yourself. In addition, you can feed partial raw and partial grain-free kibble, to make it more affordable and easier for you.

What are the Benefits of Raw Feeding?

The benefits of feeding raw are the main reason many people have switched. These include:

Healthier skin and coat

Cleaner Teeth

Better digestion

Fewer allergy problems

Less shedding

Smaller and less frequent stool

More energy and stamina

Better overall health

While many people are not convinced that feeding raw meat is in their dog’s best interest, they may bring up many reasons why it is not the best diet, but those in favor say the proof is in the results. Many dogs have such food sensitivities and allergies that the only thing that cleared up their problem was a raw diet.

Final Thoughts

Many dog owners have found raw feeding to be right for their dogs because of the many improved health benefits. Others are not as convinced and stick with can or kibble. One way to test the waters, so-to-speak is to try your dog on a semi-raw diet, keeping the kibble as the main food while introducing some raw meat.

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