Are The Best Anti Wrinkle Creams Real Alternatives To Botox And Cosmetic Surgery?

Are the Best Anti-Wrinkle Creams Real Alternatives to Botox and Cosmetic Surgery?


Leah Jones

You want results. You want to look younger. But can you get real anti-aging results without risky treatments or surgery?

There are literally hundreds of miracle anti-wrinkle creams and anti-aging treatments available. But if you don t want to wait and elect to have the riskier (and more expensive) Botox injections or cosmetic surgery how can you choose an anti-aging cream that will actually work?

The cosmetic surgery industry saw a 77% increase in 2011. Companies are offering cosmetic procedures for cheap, doing it fast, and offering financing. But can cosmetic surgery and even Botox be dangerous to your health?

Risks with Cosmetic Surgery:

?Procedures aren t being done in a state certified medical environment.

?Patients are making decisions based on a consult with a salesperson, not a doctor.

?Surgeries are being handled like an assembly line and patients are rushed out.


?Follow up care is often non-existent.

?Disfigurement, severe medical complications, even death are on the rise.

Risks with Botox:

?Redness, pain, bruising and itching at injection site.

?Headaches, nausea, and muscle weakness.

?Some patients have reported trouble breathing or speaking and vision problems.

?Allergic reaction, severe rash, and seizures are less common.

You are ONLY a good candidate for plastic surgery if you are in otherwise excellent health. You should seriously reconsider cosmetic surgery (no matter what a clinic tells you) if any of the following apply to you:

?Diabetes or obesity

?High blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, or heart disease

?A bleeding disorder

?Lung disease

?Severe allergies


?Depression or other psychological disorder

?Regularly drink alcohol or smoke

Know the overall expense, understand the risks, evaluate what your expectations are, and be prepared for the recovery time. It could take days, weeks, even months for you to fully recover so this can affect you both personally and professionally.

The anti-aging industry banks on the fact that we all want to look younger. Know the facts before spending your money on miracle creams, spa treatments, Botox injections, or pricey (and extremely risky) cosmetic surgery. You ve probably tried more than a dozen different anti-wrinkle creams and may even be considering more extreme alternatives.

Remember the possible (and temporary) benefits don t outweigh the very real risks.

Forget expensive solutions that don t deliver. Not only are Botox, chemical peels, and cosmetic surgery dangerous they do not last! You have to keep going back! Doctors estimate the longest a cosmetic surgery will hold up is ten years.

Save your money. Fight the signs of aging with the best anti-aging cream available. Click here to find out how you can get real anti-aging results faster than if you had to recover from cosmetic surgery without the danger.

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