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How To Write An Article Easily Using 7 Easy Steps}

By | April 29, 2017

Submitted by: Rey Albert

There must be some reason why some people seem to thrive in there article marketing and others dont. It would be fare to say that in my experience, if everyone learned how to write an article with a single purpose in mind and followed some simple strategic steps, the playing field would be leveled.

I believe everyone has a shot in this business if they learned how to do things right. The reason most people will not teach you these things because they are afraid to. I on the other hand am not afraid and will go through the steps in creating a winning article.

What is article writing?

Before I can teach you how to write an article, first you need to know what an article is and why an article is such an important tool for the online marketer. Because the article is a marketers multi-purpose traffic and sales generator. Through the use of articles you will get traffic through SEO.

Without traffic it doesnt matter how good your product or service is, without it your business dies. In your articles you will also use good pitching techniques to promote a product either your own or an affiliate product that will benefit the reader. Or perhaps you just want to build a list and are offering something of value for free.

Writing a good article that flows and articulates the benefits to what you are teaching or offering is priceless. Because both you and the reader will benefit. You will benefit by traffic flowing to your articles. The reader will benefit by gaining knowledge and being able to make a decision weather to follow your words or not.

Never the less learning how to write an article using the 7 steps I will give you will help you get to where you want to be in your writing skills.

The 7 Easy Steps How To Write An Article

Determine Your Title: Most people dont put any thought into there title. Big mistake, if you were looking at these titles which would catch your attention. (The Easiest Way To Choose Your Curriculum) (Making Your Curriculum Choice) (5 Questions To Ask When Choosing Curriculum) They all are about choosing curriculum but I think you would agree the first and third one are more appealing.

Write Your Opening: when writing your opening remember you have about 30 seconds to gra

the readers attention If it doesnt they wont read your article.

Answer A Question: What is_______? Just plug in your topic to the question then answer it. What is tennis strategy? What is virtual real estate? What is article marketing? Get the idea?

Can you show me an example of ________? Now the article is taking shape. We go from an introduction to an explanation and now we have an illustration. For example: Youve explained what article marketing is now give a scenario in which article marketing works.

How can I get started with __________? By this point the reader knows WHAT the topic is about and they know a basic use or function of the topic. Now, they need a simple explanation of how they can get started with application. How can they use the information?

Decide Upon A Close: There are two components of the article close that I think are necessities if you want to see any results from your efforts. The Spark, You want to leave the reader with a desire to get started. The Segway, The other thing you must do during your close is to lead into your resource box.

Create a Resource Box: Most people use a STANDARD resource box with each of their articles. In other words, its the same resource box regardless of what the article is about. Big Mistake. A carefully crafted resource box one that is specifically relevant to the article itself will outperform a standard resource box.

The important thing to remember is this:

Follow these easy 7 steps in how to write an article. Use the Yoast SEO plug-in for WordPress to help with the search engines. It will take a little practice to get good at article writing but if it were easy it wouldnt be fun!

About the Author: Rey Albert is the author of 7 Easy Ways To Write And Distribute Articles, a free strategy report for article writers of all skill levels. Receive your own complimentary copy at


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