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By | February 12, 2019

By Eliz Guide

Everywhere you go you will see wayfinding signs that tell you how to get where you need to go. They are on the roads, in parking lots, and in buildings. Some hotels even have interactive wayfinding signage. Like the name implies, these items help people find their way away unfamiliar stores or businesses. Without their guidance, some of us would never find our ultimate destination.

There is more to wayfinding signs than you may think. They are not just letters with arrows. Many of these are Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA signage that is strictly regulated by law. The location, colors, layout, and even the shape all play a role in their design and placement.

The size of the letters needs to be large enough to be seen from a distance. The contrast between the letters and the background should be prominent enough to make it easily legible. The arrows should clearly point toward the objective, and the landscape or background should be very welcoming and easily recognizable to passersby. Though they can be made to match your dcor and signs, they need to stand out enough to be easy to find.

The color contrast, the type face, and the graphics play an important part in the effectiveness of wayfinding signage. Signs with faded and poorly designed graphics and lettering are way-losers which often results in the loss of business.

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From a distance you may mistake the direction youre supposed to go. Indistinct graphics may leave you unable to read the sign or make it hard to find. Any of these problems could leave you hopelessly lost and with no more patience.

At this point, you are likely to give up and look for a competitor with an easier to find locations and better signs. You probably would not want to go back to that business anytime soon, just for the simple fact that it is just too complicated for navigating through the maze of the parking garage.

On the other hand, if the postings had large lettering and arrows that were well maintained and easy to see and read, you wouldnt think twice about coming back. Wayfinding signs are simple tools, but extremely effective and useful to the public.

Interactive touch-screen technology is the latest development in technology that helps people navigate through buildings, parks, and thoroughfares. With this technology, the future is here today.

Hotels are some of the places where you might see these innovative and wonderful inventions. In addition to their many attributes, the novelty factor of these interactive maps increases their effectiveness.

To have effective signage, whether standard or ADA-compliant, doesnt require high tech gadgets, though, it simply takes a little care and forethought and well placed, legible signs to make those unfamiliar with your layout comfortable as they move through your workplace or store.

If you are in the market for wayfinding signs, architectural signs, or banners, contact a local company . They have experienced sign makers that can do it all from graphics and design all the way through installation. They have been helping people find their way to clients places of business as well as around their facilities for years.

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