Friday, November 2, 2007

“Among men, La-La; among horses, Red Hare” (In Chinese: ?????????) was recently elected as the “Best Internet Cool Quote”.

Laa-Laa refers to the yellow character from the Teletubbies television series, and Red Hare refers to military general Lü Bu’s horse during China’s Three Kingdoms period.

The quote was given its title after a two-week voting period, that started on October 14 until PepsiCo Taiwan & Doritos announced “Top 10 Internet Cool Quote” on October 31. Voting was on the Doritos Coolpedia website, which started on September 28.

Voting attracted more than 10,000 Internet users from 64 countries participating and electing.

Coolpedia is a portal for teens and young adults to share and contribute their creations, and interact.

At the announcement event was the famous Taiwanese band “MACHI Brothers” (MACHI). Described by Pepsico as a symbol of younger people in the presence of the e-Century in Taiwan, MACHI serves as spokespeople for the website. Members of band dressed in different “Cool Quote T-Shirts” to symbolize the “unlimited creation” of Coolpedia.

On November 1, Coolpedia launched a website for a “Cool Video Award” contest, with the slogan “No pictures, no truth!”. PepsiCo Taiwan has suggested that the site will be a major Web 2.0 site.