New York Times to start charging for access to web news

New York Times to start charging for access to web news

By | January 18, 2020

Friday, March 18, 2011

The challenge now is to put a price on our work without walling ourselves off from the global network …

The New York Times announced on Thursday that it will start charging for full access to, its online version. Beginning March 28, U.S. visitors who do not subscribe to the print edition will be allowed access to 20 articles a month. A digital subscription to the website will be required to read additional content.

The fee plan for Canadians is already in effect, allowing the NYT to “fine-tune the customer experience”, according to the announcement.

Unlimited access to articles will continue to be free for those users reaching the Times through links from search engines, blogs, and social media like Facebook and Twitter. The home page and individual section front pages will continue be freely accessible.

The NYT unsuccessfully tried a pay wall six years ago. Due to declining profits and readership of its print edition, it is ready to try again.

According to comScore, a marketing research company that measures online traffic, had 31.4 million individual visitors in February. It is the most-read newspaper site in the world, reported The Guardian.

“The challenge now is to put a price on our work without walling ourselves off from the global network, to make sure we continue to engage with the widest possible audience”, wrote Arthur Sulzberger Jr., NYT company chairman.

The Advantages Of Digital Printing In Fullerton

By | January 16, 2020

byAlma Abell

Digital printing in Fullerton is big business and for good reason. Since the inception of this form of printing in 1993, the market has continued to grow at a fast pace. Now more than ever do companies need an effective way to communicate with their clients, and digital printing in Fullerton offers the perfect solution. One obvious upside of this type of printing is that it is green. No photo chemicals or film plates are needed since the pre-press printing stage is eliminated by this new technology. This is therefore good news for companies looking to increase their green credentials and at the same time do their small part in protecting the environment.

Another great advantage of digital printing is the speed factor. The way the digital press is set up means that it is quicker than other traditional forms of printing. Processes such as ink keys, registration adjustments and plate mounting are no longer necessary. This in turn means that there is less preparation needed, and less people involved in the processes making it much quicker.

This form of printing is also very cost effective especially when compared with older and more traditional forms of printing. In the past, companies had to reach a certain number of minimum orders or quotas to be able to get their printing done. The result was often wastage and paying for additional printing that wasn’t needed. With digital printing however, there is more flexibility, and these requirements have largely been eliminated. This therefore means that companies and businesses now have more freedom and are able to make bigger and better savings since they now only pay for what is needed.

Lastly, this form of printing offers more flexibility. Digital printing is especially effective for short and medium run prints as the data is digitally stored, making it quick and simple to alter where needed. There is also better print management as well as the chance to tailor your message to best fit your target audience. Apollo Printing & Graphics provides the best digital printing in Fullerton service, and in the wider Orange County area. With competitive pricing and professional printing, you are sure to get exactly what you need to grow your business.

Storage Shed Materials

By | January 14, 2020

You have decided to build your storage shed. After finding, purchasing or making up your own storage shed plans you now must consider what materials you are going to use and how much you are going to need to complete the project. Buying everything new can be expensive. There are ways to make everything cheaper but you can only do so much. There is no point in using defective or sub-standard materials that will affect the stability of the structure.

Detailed info and services about jobsite equipment storage here

If you are intent on building a storage shed, you can obtain a lot of information on line. Just by visiting this website, you are gaining knowledge. There is a mountain of information available online. Simple storage shed plans and even software is available (and sometimes free). However there is very little information on exactly what materials you should be using. Dimensions are often quoted but type of timber or metal is not. You do not have time to experiment. There are endless combinations of materials that you could use.

Most storage shed plans come with a detailed materials list. If you have purchased your storage shed plans, you will probably have more detail to work with. For a storage shed, we will be using mainly timber. You are going to need 2″ x 2″, 2″ x 4″, 2″ x 8″ and 4″ x 4″ and possibly other sizes specified in your plans. It is vital that all of this timber is pre-treated with wood preservative to prolong its life. The actual type of timber you use will be up to you. You can get good advise about this from most hardware stores or lumber yards.

You are also going to need nails, hinges, bolts, screws, hammers and saw and other construction tools for your storage shed. AgainBusiness Management Articles, you do not have to pay a lot for these and you may already have some from previous jobs. Make sure you have a good selection of tools and safety equipment before you start building. Good storage shed plans will give detailed lists of what tools and equipment you will need.

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Finance Help: How To Build Your Wealth?

By | January 13, 2020

Wealth generation is important no matter what your age, and this is best done with professional help. Find local pre-screened financial planners who can help you based on your unique needs.

Building up the stock of wealth is one of the most important aspects of financial planning over the lifetime. A professional financial planner can help you take wise, informed decisions regarding matters related to investment and wealth-building. Indeed, seeking the help of an expert financial advisor is an absolute must, considering the rather intricate nature of working mechanism of any financial economy.

Click the link for particulars about independent financial advisers

Investing your savings wisely is extremely important for income generation at a steady pace, and consequently, wealth-building. Everyone has a limited period of earning over his/her life, while consumption patterns are generally spread all over one’s lifespan. The income and consumption trends need to be so arranged that there remains enough savings that might be used for investment purposes. This is where finding a financial planner becomes important, since such professionals are well-equipped to help clients in growing their wealth-stock.

There are quite a number of professional financial planners whose services can be hired by common investors. With the increase in the number of financial advisors, new entrants in the financial markets need not wonder how to find a financial planner any longer. Finding a financial advisor is the first step in the process of building up one’s wealth. Top planners generally give his/her clients certain basic, beneficial tips. Some such recommendations are:

a)     Investment: Savings need to be invested properly in order to earn the targeted rate of return that you have in mind. A proper evaluation of one’s own readiness to take risks (for a higher return) need also be done,

b)    Choosing money market instruments: Investors have a wide range of financial instruments (including stocks, mutual funds and bonds) on which (s)he can invest. Depending on the target rates of return and risk-bearing tendencies of clients, a financial planner recommends investment on any one (or, more) of these instruments.

c)     Diversification: The financial markets are dynamic, with market conditions changing at a rapid pace. In such a scenario, diversification is an absolute must. It is not advisable to invest all your money in a single type of financial instrument (bearing the same risk-levels). The invested amounts should be spread wisely among different stocks, bonds and funds,

d)    Property purchase: Buying property is a good way of building wealth. You can actually be saving while making mortgage payments, as the value of property rises simultaneously.

e)     Knowledge: Professional financial planners have a lot of experience of dealing in financial markets. Investors need to gain adequate knowledge about the markets from his/her advisor. This would help them gradually develop the requisite expertise for effective income-generation and to gradually build up wealth stocks

The last quarter of the 20th century has seen the US economy being hit by one of the worst recessions since the Great Depression. This has turned many investors pessimistic regarding the investment opportunities that might be available. However, prudent decision-making capabilities ensure that opportunities to invest remain even during the recessionary phases, so that you can still prosper and build your wealth. Some of the instruments where profitable investment is possible are:

i)  Gold: Investing in gold is widely considered as a safe hedging method in a recessionary economy. However, the current rates of return need to be constantly checked,

ii)  Treasury bonds: These government bonds have steady, fixed rates of return, and are not much affected by market conditions. The rates of return and the prices may alter, but only in small amounts,

iii)  Online savings: As the economy enters into recession, the US Federal Reserve starts reducing the key interest rates. In such periods, the returns from online saving channels have been found to be rather steady, and

iv)  Investment in necessities and Exchange-traded funds (ETFs): The sales of necessary goods generally remains steady, irrespective of market conditions. Hence, investing in necessities is an intelligent option during recession. Returns from ETFs also hold up well during these periods.

There are other ways too in which you can effectively grow your wealth, even during recessionary periods. As long as investors has a clear idea of the target rates of return (s)he wants to attain and is aware of the pros and cons of various investment channels, an expert financial planner can help him/her build wealthArticle Submission, even during a recessionary phase.

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How energy efficient are you?

By | January 9, 2020

While out for a run the other day, my mind wandered to the energy efficiency ratings associated with appliances and how we, too, utilize energy at different rates based on a variety of things.

At the physical level, we burn energy constantly and can improve our efficiency through diet, exercise and weight control. We exert mental energy thinking, problem solving, brainstorming, worrying and more. We renew our spiritual energy through prayer, meditation or quiet time, reading, etc. It makes sense that we want to be as energy efficient as possible in order to function at our peak and feel our best.

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Identifying your energizers and your energy robbers can help you improve your energy efficiency so that are stronger and feel your best. Begin by identifying energy leaks in your life. Are you losing energy to annoyances that are getting in the way of efficiency? It might be something like a messy desk or unorganized office, constant interruptions, tools that don’t function properly, or a project you’ve been procrastinating about starting. Annoyances like these (which we refer to as “tolerations” in coaching) can be costly not only in the energy they consume, but also in the decreased productivity and efficiency that they cause.

Next, take a look at energy drains in your life? Drains are bigger than leaks. They cost you much more and leave you feeling tired, grumpy, frustrated or stuck. Perhaps you are working in an environment that is not conducive to your most creative efforts. Maybe you are continuously facing financial pressure from not having sufficient income to cover your outflow. Or, is there someone in your life sapping your energy – a co-worker, friend or family member?

Finally, look at the “energizers” in your life. What are your sources of inspiration and feeling fabulous? Is it time to make a change to eliminate energy leaks and drains and reconnect with your positive energy sources in order to re-energize and revitalize your life?

Tips for Increasing Your Energy Efficiency…

1. SLOW DOWN. Give yourself permission to throttle back on the pace of your activities. Stretching yourself to meet demands on your time, energy, emotions and finances can leave you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Give yourself a break and let go of commitments and obligations that are robbing time and energy. Ask yourself: What will I do today to slow my pace?

2. TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF. Build time into your schedule to get quiet and relax. Unless you are intentional about setting aside time for yourself, it will be difficult to find the time. We all have the same 24 hours each day, we cannot manufacture more time. However, we can include ourselves in the schedule and set aside at least 5 minutes a day to relax and rejuvenate. Ask yourself: What step will I take today to create time for myself?

3. HAVE A MEDICAL CHECKUP. If you continuously feel tired or drained, perhaps there is a physical reason behind it. Having an annual exam can help you stay on top of health issues and give you peace of mind about your health. Ask yourself: Is it time for a medical checkup? When will I schedule an appointment?

4. BECOME MORE ENERGY EFFICIENT. We can easily become caught up in striving for success and struggling to meet demands on our time and energy. Most of us exert too much effort to create results. Then we wonder why we are tired, never have enough time and don’t have the life we truly want. Why not make it a top priority to become energy efficient? Let go of pushing yourself. Ask yourself: What will I do this week to become more energy efficient?

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Cure For Excessive Sweating

By | January 8, 2020

Do you have excessive sweating condition? And you feel like the whole world is avoiding your presence because of the sweaty looks and obnoxious smell you have? Having this of kind of condition is difficult to live in. it’s like your having sort of dreaded disease. When you tend to sweat a lot, your overall looks is not fresh and cool, thus you cannot have active and productive life. If you have nice appearance you can be able to have a good personal, social and career life.

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If you are dealing with excessive sweating condition you know how can terribly affect your life because of this problem. You know that to be able be active and productive in life, you must maintain a healthy look by allowing yourself to look fresh and cool. This kind of appearance can help improve your personal, social and career life. But if you are trouble with this condition then let yourself be treated right away.

According to many experts, excessive sweating or medically termed as hyperhidrosis is a health disorder. It’s not because the weather is too hot why you tend to heavily sweat. A person suffering from this condition can even heavily sweat at a very cold temperature, especially on armpits. The possible causes of hyperhidrosis are in many factors. Some say caused by pre-existing medical diseases like diabetes, heart failure, and even anxiety disorder.

Hyperhidrosis involves extreme dripping sweat in each and every part of your torso such as head, hands, feet and especially armpits. This condition can be easily recognized in every kind of clothes; because of this your outfit is also affected. Other than this, it’s hard to appear clean and fresh every time you walk through in public areas. Excessive sweating can make you withdraw from social settings because you feel uncomfortable with yourself.

There are many causes and effect of excessive sweating however there are tons of effective solutions which will help you overcome this dreaded condition. It is advisable to be wise enough to look for the best treatments that will surely eradicate hyperhidrosis. Some people are investing with antiperspirant deodorant or lotion, and oral medications which are prescribed by the doctors. There are also latest procedures that can also help like botox injections, electrolysis and surgery. Although these procedures are new and advance, there are issues about side effects; therefore it is advised to be cautious.

If you are looking for most reliable and safe method that can address your situation is through opting with natural solution. Natural approach is safer than medical setting. There are no potential side effects once you opt for this kind of treatment. You can be assured that your body is safe. If you want this to be effective, your readiness and dedication is a must.

The “Stop Sweating and Start Living” bookFree Reprint Articles, written by Michael Ramsey is one of example of natural method. This book will help you locate the root cause of the problem by showing the three simple steps. You will discover that the steps are all easy to follow.

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U.S. Senator Larry Craig to resign

U.S. Senator Larry Craig to resign

By | November 15, 2019

Friday, August 31, 2007

United States Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) is announcing on September 1 that he will resign his post, effective September 30. Craig was involved in a scandal where he allegedly propositioned another man for sex in a bathroom at a Minneapolis airport. Craig has previously claimed he was “in the bathroom for its intended purpose.” The senator said in a news conference that “I am not gay. I have never have been gay,” and that he “pleaded guilty to a lesser charge in the hopes that it would go away.” This comes just before the Republican National Convention would have called on Craig to resign.

Further developments to this story are available. See:
Republican leaders accused of double standard after Larry Craig’s resignation

Global markets plunge

Global markets plunge

By |

Friday, October 10, 2008

Stock markets across the world have fallen sharply with several seeing the biggest drop in their history.

Asian markets saw the biggest sell-off. The Nikkei dropped 9.62% to reach a 20 year low. Japan also saw a collapse of a mid-size insurance company, Yamato Life Insurance Company, which declared bankruptcy. The Hang Seng, which was one of the few markets that was positive yesterday, fell 7.19%. Australia dropped by 8.4% and South Korea saw a 9% fall.

In Europe, markets dropped at the open with the FTSE losing 11%. They have recovered only sightly with all European markets losing more than 5%. The European sell off was more about the Asian lows then any specific news. European banks and financial institutes saw the most selling. Also, oil related companies saw large drops as an result of an expected decrease in oil consumption.

The U.S. markets opened lower with the Dow Jones Industrial Average falling below 8,000, before recovering slightly. President George W. Bush made an address on the economy and said markets were being “driven by uncertainty and fear.”

Oil has seen losses of more than US$6 in trading with the current price of a barrel of oil less than $80. This is a year low for oil. News also came out that OPEC will hold an emergency meeting on November 18 to discuss the falling price of oil.

Charities, such as Cats Protection, today said that they have lost much of their funds in collapsing banks. Cats Protection had a total of £11.2 million saved in the now-collapsed Kaupthing bank.

The British National Council for Voluntary Organisations said that 60 of its 6,500 have lost money due to the collapse of banks.


  • 1 Stock markets
    • 1.1 Dow Jones Industrial Average
    • 1.2 FTSE 100
    • 1.3 Nikkei 225
  • 2 International reaction
    • 2.1 George W. Bush
    • 2.2 Gordon Brown
    • 2.3 Jim Flaherty
  • 3 Market data
  • 4 Sources

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell to its lowest level in five years at 8,579.19, falling 679 points in one day. This, at 7.3%, is the eleventh largest percentage fall in the history of the index. The growth then continued, with the index being up over 150 points on the start of the day at one point.

The index, did however, recover, and as of 19:30 UTC was up 17.68 points, or 0.21%, pushing the index up to almost 8600.

Peter Cardillo, chief market economist at Avalon Partners, commented on these massive falls. “What we’ve seen here was one big margin call that just kept feeding on itself, so the opposite could happen. But you need a catalyst,” he said. “I’m more convinced now than ever that this market has made a bottom. The capitulation came when we breached 8,000,” he continued. “It doesn’t mean we can’t go back and revisit that level.”

The UK’s FTSE 100 index fell dramatically to close below 4000, in the index’s worst week in history. This is despite the fact that just a few days ago the index was above 5000, and the index peaked above 5500 in September.The FTSE 100 index has fallen by 41% this year.

Barclays Wealth analyst Henk Potts commented on this massive fall. “We are drowning in a sea of red numbers,” he claimed. “Investors are concerned about the exacerbation of the credit crunch and the gloomy forecasts for economic growth. The reality is that most investors have been spooked by the sheer pressure that the credit crunch is putting on the global economy.”

The Japanese Nikkei 225 has recorded it’s third biggest drop in history with a massive sell-off in the exchange that has resulted in USD 250 billion being knocked of the index’s value.

Toyota, which is the second largest carmaker in the world, fell by the largest amount in 21 years, while Elpida Memory, the world’s largest manufacturer of computer memory, dropped in value to a record low.

Masafumi Oshiden, a fund manager in Toyota commented on the drop.”It’s capitulation,” he said. “There are lots of forced sellers. If you’re a fund that’s going bust you need to close out all your positions.”

George W. Bush commented on the financial situation earlier today. “Over the past few days, we have witnessed a startling drop in the stock market — much of it driven by uncertainty and fear,” he said. “This has been a deeply unsettling period for the American people. Many of our citizens have serious concerns about their retirement accounts, their investments, and their economic well-being.”

Bush then continued by promoting the government’s plan’s to get through the crises. “Here’s what the American people need to know: that the United States government is acting; we will continue to act to resolve this crisis and restore stability to our markets. We are a prosperous nation with immense resources and a wide range of tools at our disposal. We’re using these tools aggressively.”

Gordon Brown, the UK Prime Minister, also spoke on the economy. “I think we quickly realised that we cannot solve the problems we have got as a result of the sub-prime market collapse simply by improving liquidity,” he said speaking in Birmingham to business leaders earlier today. “That would simply not be enough to deal with the bigger problem of rebuilding the banking system for the future and restoring trust is a fundamental element of that.”

Jim Flaherty, the Canadian minister for finance, also commented today on the recent incidents in the economy. “It is important to underline that Canada’s banks and other financial institutions are sound, well capitalized and less leveraged than their international peers,” he claimed. “Our mortgage system is sound. Canadian households have smaller mortgages relative both to the value of their homes and to their disposable incomes than in the U.S.”

“”However, it is becoming increasingly clear that the continuing disruption of global credit markets, which has been severe and protracted, is making it difficult for our financial institutions to raise long-term funding. This is beginning to affect the availability of mortgage loans and other types of credit in Canada,” he continued. “The Government has therefore decided to act to address the current scarcity of private sector lending to Canadian mortgage markets and lending markets overall. This is going to make loans and mortgages more available and more affordable for ordinary Canadians and businesses.”

20:15, 10 October, 2008 (UTC)
  • DJIA
  • 8.451,19 128,00 1,49%
  • Nasdaq
  • 1.649,51 4,39 0.27%
  • S&P 500
  • 899,22 10,70 1,18%
  • S&P TSX
  • 9.264,57 335,61 3.50%
  • IPC
  • 19.952,30 357,87 1,76%
  • Merval
  • 1.215,990 71.340 5,54%
  • Bovespa
  • 35.615,26 1,474.03 3,97%
  • FTSE 100
  • 3.932,06 381,74 8,85%
  • DAX
  • 4.544,31 342,69 7,01%
  • CAC 40
  • 3.176,49 266,21 7,73%
  • SMI
  • 5.347,22 451,62 7,79%
  • AEX
  • 258,05 23,92 8,48%
  • BEL20
  • 2.123,44 117,44 5,24%
  • MIBTel
  • 15.438,00 1,081,00 6,54%
  • IBEX 35
  • 8.997,70 905,20 9,14%
  • All Ordinaries
  • 3.939,50 351,80 8,20%
  • Nikkei
  • 8.276,43 881,06 9,62%
  • Hang Seng
  • 14.796,90 1,146,37 7,19%
  • SSE Composite
  • 2.000,57 74,01 3,57%

    Wikinews interviews Frugalware Linux founder

    Wikinews interviews Frugalware Linux founder

    By |

    Thursday, April 6, 2006

    The Frugalware Development Team describes ­­Frugalware as a general purpose Linux distribution, designed for intermediate users who are not afraid of text mode. Frugalware also plans to offer a live CD with desktop options, to be developed by one of its teams. A live CD enables running the Linux software on most compatible Intel and AMD chipset architectures, without having to partition a drive.

    A freelance journalist writing for Wikinews interviewed the founder of Frugalware Linux, Miklós Vajna.

    Wikinews: Frugalware is a slack distribution at present. Are there plans for developing binary package management platforms of it?

    Miklós Vajna: Our package manager is called pacman, and its primary purpose is to install binary packages. If you want to install packages from source, you can use our “repoman” tool.

    Wikinews: What are your visions for the future of Frugalware, do you plan to globally distribute it as a product, and would you consider allowing a major corporation to sponsor your efforts?

    Miklós Vajna: The second. Frugalware is free, but maintaining it needs hardware, mirrors, money. We got several donations already (build servers), and we continuously need them. If a corporation want to sponsor us, I think that is totally O.K. 🙂

    Wikinews: What is Arch Linux in relationship to your project? And how do their efforts fit into your game plan?

    Miklós Vajna: The common [thing] in Arch Linux and Frugalware is the package manager. (To be strict: nothing else.) Developing our package manager is a common effort. If anyone [is] interested in its development, he/she can subscribe to the pacman development mailing list.

    Wikinews: I’ve successfully installed Frugalware, OpenSUSE, and WinXP on the same box. Do you see a lot of people doing this sort of thing in the future?

    Miklós Vajna: We support having more than one operating system on a single machine — though this matters only in case Frugalware is the last installed operating system. We do not have any statistics about what operating systems do other people use besides Frugalware, if they have more than one.

    Wikinews: Is it possible that PearPC and Frugalware may have a relationship to distribute the PearPC Emulator with Frugalware in the future?

    Miklós Vajna: It is already available [1].

    Wikinews: What kinds of software might you include with further editions of Frugalware? Is Muse part of the base package for electronic musicians, or will you have those sorts of things?

    Miklós Vajna: No [2]. It is not available at the moment. You can request a package by filing a feature request to our Bug Tracking System, at [3].

    Wikinews: Is the autoupdating feature of Frugalware unique to Frugalware and perhaps a keystone to future developments?

    Miklós Vajna: I have never tried other autoupdating features. What one can see is that upgrading even from the previous stable release — which means installing 6 months of update at once — requires only a few tricks, and these are documented. So it works as it should, and we always pay attention not to break this great feature.

    Wikinews: What can new users of Frugalware do to test and relay infotmation back to the developers through the correct channels?

    Miklós Vajna: We have released stable versions two times a year. There are testing releases every two months. If one would like to help us, then download these releases, test them, and if something is broken, then file a bug report to the BTS (mentioned above already).

    Frugalware has new X Windows video drivers that provide a major speed improvement over available patches for previous editions of Linux. Alex Smith has been working on them as a developer.

    In addition, the PearPC emulator mentioned above, which comes with the package manager, may, with proper tuning and installation of a legal copy of Mac OSX, enable many Intel and AMD Frugalware users to use the Apple OS on their desktops. Alex Smith is also a contact person for the PearPC project, which can also be found in irc:// and at

    The official release time of the latest edition frugalware-0.4 was Mar 30 07:42:21. The developers can be reached for comment through IRC at #frugalware in the network.

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    Do You Need A Panic Room In Your Home?

    By | November 9, 2019

    By Ralph Winn

    You have a safe to store your valuables, so why not have a safe to store your most precious possession of all: your life?

    Escape to a Panic Room

    A panic room, a room in your house that is outfitted with reinforced walls and insulation and features sturdy metal doors that lock tight, acts as a vault for people. Inside, you can keep comfort and survival items like cots, canned goods, water, a cell phone, and a radio.

    Keeping Safe

    Arizona couple Ed and Patti Warner feel safe in their 3 million dollar, 10,000 square foot secluded home because they have a 4 foot by 6 foot fireproof panic room tucked under their staircase. ‘If you go in there and shut the door, nobody can get to you – nobody. You could take your cell phone and call the police – it would be safer than running outside,” says Patti.

    Think it sounds a little paranoid? Not to the millions of American families who are building additions or retrofitting their homes to include a panic room. The price of safety and peace of mind can range from around $3,000 to over $1 million. But no matter the price, the purpose of the panic room is the same: to protect you in an emergency.

    The idea of a panic room became more popular nationwide after the terror of 9/11 and the release of the Jodie Foster movie Panic Room, in which Foster and her character’s daughter are sequestered in their home’s panic room when their house is invaded. The idea of a safe haven in the home took off with worried Americans who feel more and more threatened in this modern society.

    YouTube Preview Image

    ‘Business spiked a little way up after Sept. 11, and it’s mellowing out a little now, but this is an industry where demand goes up every year,’ says Bill Rigdon, vice president of construction for Los Angeles’ Building Consensus, which designs and builds panic rooms for wealthy clients ranging from movie stars to CEOs. ‘Since 1995, there’s really been an uprising for these rooms – people don’t even feel safe in their own homes.”

    When Do You Use a Panic Room?

    There are multiple scenarios in which a panic room can save lives.

    Home Invasion: If intruders invade your home, you can immediately retreat to the panic room and remain out of harm’s way until the police arrive.

    Hurricane: A panic room’s reinforced walls make it the room in your house most likely to survive a major storm. As long as your home is not threatened by the deadly storm surge, you can ride out a hurricane in your panic room until it clears.

    Tornado: Hurricanes are predictable and you have plenty of time to prepare, but tornados put the ‘panic’ in the term ‘panic room.’ In the event of a tornado, you may have only seconds to seek shelter, and an easily accessible panic room at the center of your home could literally save your life. You can stay safe there until danger passes. The rest of your house may crumble, but a panic room is designed specifically to withstand disaster.

    Yesterday’s Fallout Shelters

    Today’s panic rooms are yesterday’s fallout shelters. Both reflect the fears of their time: nuclear war and modern terrorism in all its forms. But today’s panic rooms are a little more high tech than their cousins of yesteryear.

    Available Features of a Panic Room

    Dummy electrical wires (So the intruder thinks he’s cutting the power, but he’s not.)

    Steel-reinforced walls that deflect armor-piercing bullets.

    External ventilation systems.

    A separate phone line.

    Bathroom facilities.

    Security cameras.

    Shielding from nuclear rays.

    A panic room can be anything you dream it to be. It can be as complex as a multi-room bunker or something as simple as an extra-sturdy walk-in closet stocked with a few days’ survival supplies. All panic rooms offer the same basic benefit: safety and peace of mind in an emergency situation. Everyone wants to know they have a place where they can be safe. Do you?

    ‘People are transformed when they go into one of these rooms or areas,’ says Al V. Corbi, president of The Designer, which designs high-end residences. ‘It’s like you can see them exhale for the first time in years. We’re always on our guard, even driving to work. A safe core is the only place where you can really let down your guard.’

    About the Author: Ralph Winn writes about

    Home Security

    and other related topics. For more information on

    Home Security


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