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Do You Need A Panic Room In Your Home?

By | November 9, 2019

By Ralph Winn

You have a safe to store your valuables, so why not have a safe to store your most precious possession of all: your life?

Escape to a Panic Room

A panic room, a room in your house that is outfitted with reinforced walls and insulation and features sturdy metal doors that lock tight, acts as a vault for people. Inside, you can keep comfort and survival items like cots, canned goods, water, a cell phone, and a radio.

Keeping Safe

Arizona couple Ed and Patti Warner feel safe in their 3 million dollar, 10,000 square foot secluded home because they have a 4 foot by 6 foot fireproof panic room tucked under their staircase. ‘If you go in there and shut the door, nobody can get to you – nobody. You could take your cell phone and call the police – it would be safer than running outside,” says Patti.

Think it sounds a little paranoid? Not to the millions of American families who are building additions or retrofitting their homes to include a panic room. The price of safety and peace of mind can range from around $3,000 to over $1 million. But no matter the price, the purpose of the panic room is the same: to protect you in an emergency.

The idea of a panic room became more popular nationwide after the terror of 9/11 and the release of the Jodie Foster movie Panic Room, in which Foster and her character’s daughter are sequestered in their home’s panic room when their house is invaded. The idea of a safe haven in the home took off with worried Americans who feel more and more threatened in this modern society.

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‘Business spiked a little way up after Sept. 11, and it’s mellowing out a little now, but this is an industry where demand goes up every year,’ says Bill Rigdon, vice president of construction for Los Angeles’ Building Consensus, which designs and builds panic rooms for wealthy clients ranging from movie stars to CEOs. ‘Since 1995, there’s really been an uprising for these rooms – people don’t even feel safe in their own homes.”

When Do You Use a Panic Room?

There are multiple scenarios in which a panic room can save lives.

Home Invasion: If intruders invade your home, you can immediately retreat to the panic room and remain out of harm’s way until the police arrive.

Hurricane: A panic room’s reinforced walls make it the room in your house most likely to survive a major storm. As long as your home is not threatened by the deadly storm surge, you can ride out a hurricane in your panic room until it clears.

Tornado: Hurricanes are predictable and you have plenty of time to prepare, but tornados put the ‘panic’ in the term ‘panic room.’ In the event of a tornado, you may have only seconds to seek shelter, and an easily accessible panic room at the center of your home could literally save your life. You can stay safe there until danger passes. The rest of your house may crumble, but a panic room is designed specifically to withstand disaster.

Yesterday’s Fallout Shelters

Today’s panic rooms are yesterday’s fallout shelters. Both reflect the fears of their time: nuclear war and modern terrorism in all its forms. But today’s panic rooms are a little more high tech than their cousins of yesteryear.

Available Features of a Panic Room

Dummy electrical wires (So the intruder thinks he’s cutting the power, but he’s not.)

Steel-reinforced walls that deflect armor-piercing bullets.

External ventilation systems.

A separate phone line.

Bathroom facilities.

Security cameras.

Shielding from nuclear rays.

A panic room can be anything you dream it to be. It can be as complex as a multi-room bunker or something as simple as an extra-sturdy walk-in closet stocked with a few days’ survival supplies. All panic rooms offer the same basic benefit: safety and peace of mind in an emergency situation. Everyone wants to know they have a place where they can be safe. Do you?

‘People are transformed when they go into one of these rooms or areas,’ says Al V. Corbi, president of The Designer, which designs high-end residences. ‘It’s like you can see them exhale for the first time in years. We’re always on our guard, even driving to work. A safe core is the only place where you can really let down your guard.’

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Hidden Secrets Of The Best Cookie Recipe Ever

By | November 1, 2018

By Jeffrey Dorrian

For many, baking is a chemistry experiment gone horribly wrong, or just maybe, wonderfully correct. The variables of oven heat, local water properties and each manufacturers subtle differences in oil and flour quality can turn the best recipe into a kitchen nightmare. The true secret is to never give up and to keep adjusting your recipe to your own taste.

One of the most common problems with cookie recipes, is what to do with the butter. Butter has amazing properties and flavors that cannot be duplicated by other oils. It does however have one of the lowest melting temperatures of all of the baking oils and can cause your cookie to flatten into a gigantic mess. Solution, integrate some equal parts of shortening into your recipe. For every ounce of butter taken away, add an ounce of shortening. Also ball and refrigerate your cookie dough before putting it onto a pan and into the oven. Lastly double pan your cookies, so the heat is more evenly distributed and no too hot on the bottom side of your cookie. This will eliminate cookies that get burned on the bottom.

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I have yet to see a cookie recipe made with all purpose flour that could not be improved by substituting some cake flour into the recipe. Start with a one third substitution and see if this makes your cookie a little lighter and easier to chew. For some super added flavor, use a premium cake mix. I use a spice cake mix in one of my recipes for the most amazing Christmas cookies you will ever taste. Chocolate and vanilla cake mixes do an amazing job as well. If you have a favorite cake mix, it would be a perfect candidate to try in a cookie recipe.

Thirty years ago it would have been very hard to find a chewy cookie. Famous Amos made a fortune selling a nice tasty chocolate chip cookie that was neither soft nor chewy. Today chewy cookies are all the rage. If your recipe doesn’t have any brown sugar in it try substituting a portion of brown sugar for regular white sugar. The key is to keep experiment until you have to exact consistency that you desire.

These three baking tips will help you make your perfect cookie. Everyone’s taste is different from each others, so don’t be disappointed if someone does not care for your baking masterpiece. Remember, never give up and keep experimenting until you have the perfect cookie.

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General Duties And Responsibilities Of An Electrician

By | December 22, 2016

Electricians have been defined as tradesmen who dedicate himself to in various tasks related to electrical wiring of machineries, buildings and other related equipment. They might either be employed during the process of the installing of the machinery, as this also includes tasks related to wirings, etc. also; they are hired both for consultancy and regular purposes for the maintaining and day to day functioning of machines and equipment. Repair and damage control are also, other related domains for which electricians may be hired by various companies as well as individuals.

Because of the various tasks allocated to them, electrical also specialize in various selected fields and domain, thus increasing their experience in some specific domain which also helps those increases their pay. The various domains of specialization include wiring of ships, mobile platforms and airplanes on technical levels. Other basic domains include wiring of damage electrical appliances, as well as repair and maintenance of the wiring set up in buildings and apartments.

Electric contractor and electricians are related, though not interchangeable terms. Electrical contractor is referred to as a business entity which is involved in the process of designing, as well an s installing and maintaining various electrical systems. Electrician, on the other hand, is referred to an individual tradesperson. In various countries like the USA, there are specific different requirements for both electricians and electric contractors electricians aren’t usually allowed to work for the public unless they are employed by some electrical contractor.

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There are roughly three different types of elections. These include Master electrician, residential electrician and commercial electrician. According to some other authorities, there is another type of electricians known as union electricians. As their names specify, all the four types of electricians have various tasks and related domains in which they are allowed to operate. Construction engineers are also one type of electricians. They are the ones who work throughout the process of construction of the building alongside various other trade personnel. They might be considered and hired as a part of the construction process or else is working as separate contractors who are essential for the completion of the construction job. These can also work in large commercial projects or be part of a residential construction. For each type of work, a specific type of skills and expertise is required. Various factors like the condition of the economy and factors of demand and supply will affect the frequency with which work is available and the pay.

Another type of electricians is Maintenance Electricians. They are usually involved in power plants, large factories and other electrical equipment requiring maintenance. Their work involves preventive measure undertaken for the purpose of maintenance and dealing with problems such as breakdown. Some other tasks such as installments of various electrical instruments might also be needed along with the removal of obsolete systems as the business evolves and innovation in needed in the natural progression of the business. However, with the availability of better career opportunities and greater experience and further skill enhancement, they can and do become more specialized and competent in various domains and within the various specific career paths that they have selected for themselves.

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