Associate’s Degree In Private Security: Five Good Reasons To Get One

Submitted by: Kenneth Echie

Partly because of the increased need of homeland security in many nations, private security is one of the fastest growing professions of the century. Ethics and honor embrace the requirements surrounding this field, calling a special breed of person that has been searching for this opportunity to work in a field with credibility. Aside from the onslaught of new positions, here are five good reasons to get an Associate’s Degree in Private Security.

1. Private security companies are always searching for qualified, skilled employees. By holding an Associate’s Degree in the Private Security field of the Criminal Justice division, you will have the opportunity to work in this exciting career, honing your skills in basic practices.

In addition, you will continue to learn more about legal standards and requirements in the locality where you are employed. Whether you are providing security for a business, person, or a small community, your education will be put to use.


2. Larger corporations offer tuition reimbursement and professional advancement to valuable employees. As you learn more about security requirements and regulations within the company, you may be encouraged to take additional courses that will enable you to support special computer security programs within your section. When added to the business courses you have already taken that provided knowledge of managing and supervising day to day operations in the security field, you will find out these new techniques have increased your value in the work force.

3. Private security offers the opportunity to meet famous people. You could be hired to provide security for a movie location or special event that will be attended by the elite. Your performance and that of any staff at managing will be noted. Knowledge and technique could earn you a more rapid advancement than you thought possible. Professionalism is often the key to success in any type of security, because there are so many regulations and laws that govern what can and cannot be done.

4. Do you like to solve puzzles and determine what makes people do certain things? Advance to the more complex segment of security covering fraud and cybercrime. These are fields that require thinking outside of the box, determining why attacks are made, and rationalizing a criminal’s next attempt before it is made. Argue your case for preventive action as you use learned skills such as legal ethics, communication, and investigation. By taking additional courses, you can work towards a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice.

5. It is not about the money at first, it is about the opportunity. You actually have your destiny in your own hands. An advanced degree in Private Security and the Criminal Justice will be within your reach. Distance learning gives you the opportunity to learn while you are still working, by taking classes online and attending those mandatory meetings at a nearby location. Many big name colleges and universities offer distance learning degrees in Criminal Justice, allowing you to qualify for positions within the FBI, CIA, or Homeland Security.

Your recent critical thinking and interviewing skills will change your own behavior for the better. You will exude more confidence, put people at ease during conversations, and be aware of your surroundings as never before. Private security and all it entails is an excellent step towards your future.

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