Atherosclerosis &Amp; Cholesterol Is There Any Connection}

Atherosclerosis & Cholesterol Is there any connection


Rajeev SahadevanAtherosclerosis an introduction:

Atherosclerosis is a condition that can affect various portions of the body. This is because of plague which is made up of unwanted fatty objects, waste products, calcium, cholesterol and many more. This plague settles in the arterial walls that over prolonged period can narrow or harden leaving you with various health risks. When the walls become narrow, the blood flow is inhibited which will make you susceptible to various diseases such as heart diseases, brain stroke, kidney diseases and many more. For instance, if there is limited blood flow to the heart because of plague build up, it will give you chest pain that will lead to heart attack.

Sometimes plague ruptures in the arterial walls that can also lead to blood clot in heart or it may move to other areas which can hinder the blood flow to vital organs.

Atherosclerosis and cholesterol Causes and effects:

Atherosclerosis and cholesterol does not come with any symptoms especially when you are of young age. Hence it is prudent to get your blood checked once every year. The effects of high cholesterol usually pop up when you are older probably at your 50s or 60s.

One of the main reasons for atherosclerosis is high levels of cholesterol. Other levels include high blood pressure, smoking, drinking etc. If you check closely, you will notice that people who have high levels of cholesterol also come with high triglycerides level which is one of the underlying reason why people are obese. As we are talking about atherosclerosis and cholesterol, the foods you eat can contribute to a great extent in promoting the plague buildup in the arteries. Whenever you consume foods that are rich in bad cholesterol (LDL), you will fasten the purpose of blood clot, plague in the body. For instance,

1. Baked goods such as cookies, cakes that are trans fat

2. Saturated fats such as animal fat (meat, poultry etc.), fried/junk foods3. Dairy products such as cream, milk, etc.4. The above foods can really contribute to your health in many ways and NOT in a good way. So make sure you stay away from these foods.

Homocysteine is another factor that can contribute to raising not only the cholesterol levels but also in development of plague in the body.

Natural remedy for cholesterol:

There are many natural remedies for cholesterol which will help you eradicate unwanted cholesterol from the body. Some of the foods are fiber induced which blocks the absorption of bad cholesterol in the body thereby avoiding growth of atherosclerosis in the body. The foods are natural remedy for cholesterol and control spike of unwanted blood sugar/pressure levels very much that will chuck chances of heart diseases or diabetes.

1. Whole grain foods such as oats, bran, wheat etc.

2. Beans, legumes and other lentils3. Yogurt (diet free)4. Nuts such as pistachios, almonds, walnuts etc. (not the salted ones)

Take initiative now and get rid of unwanted atherosclerosis and cholesterol from the body. Adults in their 20s or 30s who have a family history of high cholesterol or heart disease can take remedial measures now by incorporating natural remedies in their life. Risks pertaining to atherosclerosis and cholesterol can really be eradicated by taking Choleslo regularly.

Choleslo is one of the best health supplements in the market which will help you to combat cholesterol naturally without any side effects. Unlike statins which gives you temporary relief, Choleslo is a wonder product which reaches the core problem of the body and kicks LDL cholesterol in the shins thereby eliminating even the slightest chance of heart risk in the body.

Some of the natural ingredients of Choleslo include phytosterols, artichoke leaf extract, guggulsterones, garlic deoderized and many more which have placed their name years ago in various traditional books such as Ayurveda, Chinese etc. these ingredients have the power to boost HDL levels by a great extent while converting the LDL into something purposeful in the body. A purity certified product, all the batches of Choleslo are individually checked by a third party lab so as to double verify if the contents match the label. This avoids availability of lot of fake products in the market claiming to be the original Choleslo.

With numerous products in the market, I understand it is difficult to opt for a particular one especially when every brand claims to have pure content. Keeping this in mind, HFL solutions of Choleslo gives you 200% satisfaction guarantee. This means that in case if you are not satisfied with the results within a specified period, simply return and get your money back with an extra $100 in your pocket for the trouble you had gone through. Note that this is one of the toughest bet that HFL solutions has provided to the customers and to its competitors which till now no one could ever beat. I personally recommend to buy from the original website to prevent any fraudulent purchase from random websites. With various discount offers and guarantee, it is hard to avoid Choleslo and to top it on there are more than thousands of users who vouch that the product actually works.

Last words:

Bottomline, atherosclerosis and cholesterol should not be taken lightly and needs to be dealt with promptly as ignorance is not bliss always. Stay in perfect body by implementing all the good foods, staying away from stress and just doing the right thing which will keep you happy and positive always.



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