Common Landscaping Uses For Retaining Walls In Waukesha, Wi

byAlma Abell

Retaining walls serve a wide variety of practical and aesthetic purposes in modern landscape designs. When they are designed and constructed correctly, they can add a whole new dimension to backyard landscaping. Read on to find out about some common landscaping applications for Retaining Walls in Waukesha WI to learn more.

Prevent Erosion

One of the most common uses for retaining walls is to prevent erosion on slopes and in areas that experience high rainfall. They can stop topsoil from being washed away even during serious floods, allowing homeowners to maintain their beautiful landscapes even in the face of harsh climate conditions.


Improve Drainage

Small ponds and streams running through a property can really add to the landscape’s overall aesthetic beauty and practical value, but they can also spell trouble for any nearby structures. Retaining walls can be used to keep the soil beneath these structures from becoming too moist, protecting them from water damage and lengthening their expected lifespans through improved drainage.

Expand Usable Space

Retaining walls can be used to terrace sloped areas that would otherwise be impractical for use as gardens or functional outdoor spaces. This provides a perfect solution for homeowners whose backyards are too sloped to support outdoor patios, play areas, kitchens, and other gathering spaces in addition to allowing them to plant gardens where there would otherwise be nothing but a bare slope.

Act as a Focal Point

Not all of the advantages of retaining walls in Waukesha WI are practical. If properly designed, they can also add an element of aesthetic beauty to a landscape by facilitating the creation of raised flower beds, integrated water features, and other visually interesting installations. Plus, the ability to create multiple levels within a yard allows landscape designers to exercise far more creativity when it comes to creating an engaging landscape.

Learn More Today

All of these benefits can only be reaped by homeowners if they do their research before hiring a contractor. Installing retaining walls takes a good deal of dedicated experience and expertise, so it’s always a job that’s best left to landscaping and hardscaping specialists. Contact us for a free estimate or check out additional services and qualifications online to get started today.