Question: How Smart Is Obama? Answer: Scary Smart

By Mike Breen

Every time the Obama Regime does something that does not make sense to Americans who believe in the Constitution and our free-market economy I always hear the question raised with a sense of disbelief, How can he do that, I thought he was smarter than that.

Using traditional objective standards, it would be easy to reach the conclusion that Obama is very smart:

Harvard Law School graduate

Editor of the Harvard Law Review

Constitutional Law Professor at Harvard

It would be difficult to argue that his resume does not scream smart, maybe even brilliant. But, if we look at some real world events, a counter image begins to emerge.

He apologizes for America on every trip abroad, and believes this will help to repair our countrys image

o Now the Europeans and the Chinese are giving us economic advice because we look like fiscal fools

He believes Iran is open and rational, with support now of an administration that has changed it posture on how it approaches dealing with Iran. He appears confident that hope and change will change Irans leadership

o Well, this is not working out too well


He gives Russia all it wants in terms of missile defense, believing he will get Russia to give the US support in the United Nations against Iran

o Another failure to understand global scene

His statements about the health care bill: “The bill forbids any federal funds to be used for abortion procedures”

Some exchanges being set up will allow funds to go for abortions

o Children with pre-existing conditions will be covered immediately

Not for several years

o It is not just a health care bill; it is also a jobs bill and will create many thousands of jobs.

Already major companies are taking billions in write downs. Does that sound like a jobs growth strategy?

How can this be? So smart yet

Occams Razor says the simplest answer is most often the right one.

Well, Obama is brilliant, he knows exactly what he is doing, but his real agenda is kept hidden from us.

The most recent battle over health care legislation is the third volley in a clandestine effort to transform America away from the principles of the Founding Fathers and towards the establishment of over-reaching government bureaucracies that by their very nature will move the country inextricably toward socialism.

We must all learn to see beyond the surface tension in legislative battles that are in progress, and those that will come in the near future (Cap and Tax/Immigration).

The country had been pushed to pass bailout legislation that has put our federal government in the banking, insurance and car businesses. This has resulted in the unlawful negation of legal contracts, the firing of corporate executives and the use of public funds to launch marketing programs for selected car manufactures.

We were also pushed to pass a job stimulus bill that had to pass quickly or unemployment would exceed 8.5%. Well almost a trillion dollars later unemployment is near 10%, and if you include people who have dropped out of the job market, but want to work, the effective unemployment rate is close to 17%.

The reality, the allocation of stimulus dollars helped state and local governments meet their growing debt, which resulted in virtually no job creation. So, what does an administration, whose real intent is to grow government, do in the face of this outrageous failure and deceit; they change the metrics of success from job creation (a measurable statistic) to jobs saved (a non-measurable statistic). Clearly, the real objective of these efforts and the stated objective have little in common.

When you peel back the outer layer of carefully crafted obfuscation, it is clear that the Obama administrations real agenda is usurping the individual constitutional rights of Americans in favor of a collective view of equality and fairness. Mr. Obama (and the people he has chosen to surround himself with) has laid a consistent, publicly stated, foundation for this attack on the constitution. But the majority of voters were not really listening during the campaign. To protect our way of life, based on the founding fathers principles, the constitution and the Bill of Rights we must review, with a clear eye, what was said in the past and actively listen to what is being said now:

The constitution is a list of negative freedoms (Obama)

The Constitution is an abstract legal document (Obama)

Everybody is better off if we spread the wealth around (Obama)

The benefits of the first amendment are overrated (Rohm Emanuel)

The courts have not gone far enough in redistributing wealth (Obama)

We are just a few days aware from fundamentally changing America (Obama)

We must all be aware that the rhetoric that surrounds each battle that surfaces is not about the battle. All fights for changes in our laws and statutes are about the War against the U.S. Constitution. Do not be distracted by the socialists-leaning politicians who use the tool of outrage – how can the evil right be so cold hearted not to want to help people – to break our resolve to be true to our principles. We must never think, it (European Socialism) cant happen here.

How smart is Obama? He is scary-smart.

About the Author: A marketing/branding consultant was moved from a political couch potato to a patriotic activists by the actions of the Obama Regime and started a company to help American patriots go face-to-face with their politicians. check out



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