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Chicago chef invents edible menu

Sunday, February 13, 2005Cordon-bleu chef Homaru Cantu has announced a technique which allows him to create dishes made of edible, inkjet printed paper. Cantu, a head chef at the Moto restaurant in Chicago, has modified an ink-jet printer with the help of computer specialists from local firm Deep Labs and loaded it with cartridges containing […]

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Blast in a coal mine in Donetsk, Ukraine

Saturday, December 1, 2007 Another blast shook the Ukrainian coal mine Zasyadko in Donetsk, where over 100 miners died in a methane blast in November. According to the United Press International news agency, 52 miners were injured. The ITAR TASS news agency reports also that most of them suffered carbon monoxide poisoning and were taken […]

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The Filtration And Temperature Control Processes In A Central Air Conditioning System

More Detail Here: Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs Submitted by: Adrianna Notton The two most important processes a central air conditioning system carries out are filtration and temperature regulation. These two processes are facilitated by ducts, temperature controls, filtration system and the control panel. Air moves from one room to another and from part of the […]

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