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Why College Is Necessary}

By | August 18, 2017

Why College Is Necessary


Dennis James

A recent episode of the television drama, Mad Men, revealed to viewers how its protagonist got his break in the industry. Don Draper, the eventual advertising agency partner, got his start when he met his future boss by happenstance, and persistently sent the man his portfolio despite having no formal education.

Today, the old trope of the young go-getter, armed only with his ambition and tenacity, is all but forgotten. Today, Don Drapers inquiry would be redirected to an HR department, where his college-less background would probably be scoffed at and ignored.

Today, individuals who achieve success or notoriety, despite skipping out on college, are regarded as members of a mythic and waning species. In Top Ten lists were often reminded that Bill Gates didnt finish college as though its possible for the average twenty-something to independently channel Gates-like potential. These lists inevitably include natural beauties, gifted artists or athletes, people with rich, established parents, and folks who came of age when Don Drapers path was still possible.

As recently as 1973, only 38% of office workers had some form of college education. Meaning that 62% of people who worked in offices got their jobs with just a high school education. Today, 69% of office workers have some college-level education, and 37% have a full bachelors degree or more.

In the 1970s fewer than half of all jobs in health care and education required some college preparation. Today, more than 3/4ths of these jobs require some college, and most of them more than 52% – require a bachelors degree, if not a graduate degree.

These statistics (all borrowed from an archived Anthony Carnevale article in Change magazine) beg the question: is there really more material for 21st century professionals to learn, or just an unnecessarily heightened expectation? Certainly, todays technologists are completing more complicated tasks than their predecessors. It stands to reason that 86% of current technology workers possess some college education, as opposed to 63% in 1973.

But what about professional requirements for teachers, counselors, physical therapists, and all those increasingly educated office workers? How many of todays job postings for administrative assistants demand bachelors degrees? Are managers with MBAs really more qualified than their less-educated counterparts? Are Ph.Ds really necessary for school principals?

A recent article in the Sacramento Bee explored the issue of doctorates for physical therapy students and nursing educators. Some experts argue that advanced degree requirements are a part of Americas ongoing degree inflation trend, while others assert that shifting professional demands legitimately require more education.

Regardless of the actual proficiencies acquired in college, the perception of higher eds necessity remains. And as is often the rule in business, perception is reality. Study after study shows that college still provides an economic and professional advantage for those who finish. Moreover, public opinion matters little to the state agencies and professional organizations that impose graduate degree requirements on their licensed employees. Like it or not, college is essential increasingly essential for most professional career paths.

So what do you think? Whether you’re a veteran professional or an aspiring one, take the following survey and weigh in on today’s education requirements. Are they necessary?

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Underweight Health Risks, Natural Cure For Underweight Issue

By | December 8, 2016

Underweight Health Risks, Natural Cure For Underweight Issue


Elvira Filinovich

If being overweight is source of many health related issues than being underweight is no less serious threat to health, there are host of underweight health risks and natural cure for underweight problems is the safest way of treating them. In women during their reproductive years lesser weight can even lead to infertility, it is one of the biggest causes of cessation of menstruation and dysfunctional ovulation. Underweight men and women have much higher chances of suffering with osteoporosis or fragile bones due to lack of calcium in the body either due to poor diet or poor lifestyle. Another health risk associated with being underweight is anemia, this problem is caused due to less number of red blood cells in the blood, and this red pigment in the blood is responsible for carrying oxygen.

Due to anemia men and women can suffer with number of health problems. Poor immunity system is also associated with being underweight, people not consuming sufficient diet or healthy diet may have vitamin deficiencies, poor vitamin supply to body weakens immunity system to expose the body to various disorders, infections and diseases. Joint pain, Anorexia, Bulimia, fatigue and decreased muscle strength are other health risks associated with being under-weight. Sudden weight loss in men, women, elderly people or children may suggest presence of Diabetes type 1. Pregnant women may face lots of problems during pregnancy due to lesser weight and may also negatively affect development of fetus as well as overall health of the baby. To remove underweight health risks natural cure for underweight problems are safe and very effective methods.

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FitOfat capsules are purely herbal supplements which have been made by using powerful and strong herbs to counter underweight health risks and natural cure for underweight problems. These capsules contain herbs which are very effective in increasing appetite and improving digestive system. Increased appetite and upbeat digestive system together allow a person to consume food in sufficient quantity and proper digestion ensures proper nourishment of the bodily organs. The herbs used in preparing FitOfat capsules are rich sources of all the essential nutrients which human body needs for sound health and proper weight.

These capsules supplement the body with vital nutrients in right doses which may not be easily available through diet to increase healthy weight and counter problems like anemia, weak immunity and osteoporosis. Use of FitOfat capsules increases cell reproduction, provide higher energy levels and maintain healthy hormonal balance to ensure proper absorption of all the nutrients by the body for healthy and fast weight gain. People mostly eat less or suffer with lesser weight due to slowness of digestive and excretory system.

FitOfat capsules contain herbs which are magical in improving digestion and also maintaining healthy excretion of waste matter to prevent toxin buildup in the body. FitOfat capsules are purely herbal and energize muscles and promote growth of lean muscle mass, these also purify blood and maintain bone density and their strength for strong musculoskeletal system. FitOfat capsules can negate underweight health risks and provide natural cure for underweight problems. These are safe for men and women of any age.

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