Dogs Best Suited For The Outdoors Lifestyle

Submitted by: Kelly Marshall

Dogs and the outdoors just seem to go well together. But we can be wrong since there are dogs that are unsuitable for long stretches of time spent outdoors doing activities like hiking, climbing and swimming. Owners must, after all, take into consideration the physical and mental condition of the breed before subjecting it to the rigors of a lifestyle spent in the great outdoors.

And even when the breed is well-suited to the outdoors setting, you must ensure that it will be kept safe, healthy and happy. Your pet must be checked over by the vet for updating of shots, for ruling out any underlying health condition that may be aggravated by strenuous activities, and for general check-ups of its physical condition. You may even engage in pre-hike exercises to ensure that the dog is up to the task in the physical and mental sense.

Curly Coated Retriever

As can be expected of the retriever breed, the curly coated retriever is one of the more popular outdoor dogs and for good reasons, too. For one thing, it thrives on vigorous athletic activities in an outdoors setting so much so that breeders will often warn prospective owners that the curly coated retriever will not do well in small spaces, say, apartments. The great outdoors calls to the breed like a siren song.


For another thing, the curly coated retriever possesses a steady, stable and dependable temperament even under stress. With the many things that can distract a canine in the wild, you want a dog that will hold its own and not leave your side to pursue wildlife.

Siberian Husky

Bred for the great outdoors, the Siberian husky is athletic in spirit, mind and body. Many of these dogs have been trained and continue to be trained for excursions into vast expanses of the great outdoors for long periods of time as well as in search and rescue missions in the Arctic. In fact, you will discover that its main purpose in life seems to be running at full speed with a sled or backpack behind its back, zigzagging through trails and just generally being one with nature.

We must caution prospective owners, however, that the Siberian husky can be difficult to train mainly because of its willful nature. You may want to reconsider your decision if you are a first-time owner of a pet dog. On the upside, the breed is generally known to be sociable with both children and dogs.

Belgian Shepherds

With its high level of intelligence coupled with its protective nature make the Belgian shepherd very suitable for an outdoors life. In fact, many are used in herding animals, in police work and on guard duty with the appropriate basic and advanced training. And because it requires plenty of exercise to stay happy – think biking, hiking and fetching sticks – you will want to take a Belgian shepherd on your communes with nature.

But we must warn about the breed’s aggression toward small animals that have not been raised together with it in one home. With children, fortunately, the Belgian shepherd is a good dog.

There are many other dogs like the German shepherd and the Labrador retriever that are suited to the outdoors. Just be sure to ask the breeder about certain things like the breed’s temperament and disposition as well as physical condition before actually bringing it home.

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