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As a of your realtor marketing, do you usually snap listing pics on your own or find a professional?

If you only heard what people searching online were screaming to their monitors when they see your listing pictures on-line; you’d be horrified.

You would be horrified if you could be there to hear what prospects were yelling at their screens when they saw your listing photos.

Do you have any clue on the amount of prospects who are passing on your listing because of the photos? Can you imagine the decreased “days-on-market” you’d have if you simply spent a few bucks on professional pics?

We’ve all snapped listing photos for our clients and thought they were just great.

My clients even told me the photos we great but I started to see something interesting when I took a agent job in Seattle.


In any given month, I’d have over 75 different buyers and they’d all tell me their disgust about the photos they saw online for the houses we were viewing.

I couldn’t count the amount of buyers I had who asked if we were in the right home because the pictures were so different from the homes they saw originally. Obviously, many of my clients who said this felt like they got taken.

It all came down to the listing pictures they saw online. Realtor marketing practices need to include the photography also.

Give buyers a great picture and they’ll pop inside the home that day. But put up a ton of junky, dim, grungy photos and you won’t get 1 showing.

Even when the listing pictures were greater than the actual house, guess what? You still had a buyer walk in the house. The obvious way to selling that home is having as many buyers walk through as possible, right? Professional real estate pics makes that happen.

Almost all the prospects searching for a home will make their choice to see the inside on how good your photography is when they see it on the MLS or another website.

So let’s pretend you took the bullet and paid a professional to capture the images for you listing…

You may have more satisfied clients because the home sold quicker.There wouldn’t be any worrying about losing commission because you had to reduce the list price from a stale listing.Think about your brand and image and the public will flock to you when they hear from your sellers how fast their house went.

After all those benefits to increasing your income, are you really going to try and skimp on the few bucks for a real photographer? It’s easy, it’s a Realtor marketing technique that is essential. When you really think about it, this kind of Realtor marketing photography is not negotiable if you want to sell your listings at a lightening speed.

Want some options?An easy option is to hire a regular photographer for a few bucks and have them spend 30 mins. taking some awesome listing pictures. These aren’t family pictures so make sure you find someone who grasps what you are paying them for. The worse thing you could do is hire someone like your uncle Jim who can’t take a pic better than your 3 year old.

Your other option is to go with a company like who does real estate photography exclusively.

Vicaso started to provide exactly the type of service we’re talking about.

On their website, I think it might about two hundred or three hundred bucks for an entire listing shoot that can be scheduled online and completed within a couple days.No joke, these guys can turn a run down dump and make it look like Trump’s penthouse online.

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