Keep Your Vehicle Driving Smoothly With Transmission Repair In Montgomery, Al

byAlma Abell

Your automobile has many moving parts and if the vehicle has an automatic transmission then many of those parts are located inside it. Along with the engine, the transmission is one of the most important pieces of equipment on your car or truck. This is because the transmission is responsible for taking the engine’s horsepower and RPM (rotations per minute) and converting it into torque that the driving axles can use. Without this ability to transfer that horsepower the vehicle wouldn’t roll very well and would be limited to a small range of speed.


Due to their technical complexity the automatic transmission has many moving parts. However, the actual design is generally operated by hydraulic pressures used to shift the gears and move the quickly rotating internal parts. Along with hydraulic pressure, some transmissions also take advantage of vacuum pressure to help the transmission shift. This very diversity is the main reason you should always contact an expert for automatic transmission repair in Montgomery AL

There are many things that can fail on an automatic transmission. For example, the device uses a torque converter that connects to the flywheel of the engine and transfers the engine’s power into hydraulic power. If this device becomes unbalanced it will affect the function of the transmission. Likewise, transmissions have numerous seals used to keep these pressures and the fluid inside. There are both a front and real seal that wear down over time and allow the transmission to leak. There is also a seal on the bottom of the transmission where the pan is located. This is typically replaced when the fluid is replaced or the filter is cleaned.

Automatic Transmission Repair in Montgomery, AL is certainly the job of an expert, but some cars use a manual transmission which operates a little differently. These transmissions are usually very durable with their weakest parts being the clutching mechanism. Changing the clutch requires the transmission to be removed from the engine to access the parts between the engine and transmission. Once the new clutch is in place it will need adjusting so it doesn’t wear out too soon. To help you keep your transmission working smoothly companies like jones brothers enterpriseswill quickly repair or replace your transmission so you can focus on more important business.