Problems Of Visitors To Canada And Medical Insurance

By Adrianna Noton

When visiting the beautiful country of Canada there are other things to be considered in addition to what roads to travel and what cities to visit. Canada has National Health Insurance for its residents but this does not apply to visitors. For this reason, everyone should be aware of the rules regarding visitors to Canada and medical insurance.

When enjoying the magnificent views and other opportunities offered to the visitors, Canada is especially concerned that everyone travels safely. For this reason, there are a number of traffic laws one should be aware of. By following these laws it will be possible to avoid accidents which might lead to the necessity of medical attention.

A person’s health insurance company will be happy to tell their client if they are covered for illness or accident when visiting another country. Some require certain steps to be taken at the time of the illness or accident and will not cover the expense if this is not done. Others do not have any provision in the policy for out of country travel. This information is important to know before ever leaving home.


With today’s high cost of medical care, it is imperative that a person be covered with medical insurance at all times. When traveling out of one’s home country sudden illness or some sort of an accident can easily occur. If a personal health insurance policy does not have an ‘out of country’ coverage than an investigation should be made for possibly purchasing a short term traveler’s medical insurance.

The doctors, hospital and pharmacies in Canada are considered some of the best in the world. Any visitor becoming ill or having an accident will receive immediate care and attention. However, if the visitor does not have health insurance to cover the cost it can be devastating to the bank account.

It is important to talk to one’s health insurance company and find out what the procedure is in paying an out of country medical provider when care is required. If they expect the patient to pay and then be reimbursed later, this can be a problem. When the bill incurred amounts to a very large sum of money sometimes there are not sufficient funds to cover it which results in a very embarrassing and awkward situation.

To be sure one has adequate coverage while visiting Canada it is a good idea to check with a Canadian Insurance Company to obtain basic information. This information should be compared to that provided by the personal medical insurance policy. By doing this it is possible to be assured that the coverage one has is adequate.

The problems incurred by some of the visitors to Canada and medical insurance can be avoided by adequate preparation before beginning the journey. When one considers the expense that could be incurred if there was an accident with the entire family in the car it is frightening. Ambulances, x-rays, specialists and possibly surgery can amount to a sum that it would be difficult for and individual to pay.

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