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Backup Your Data: The Old School Way

By | November 5, 2016

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Submitted by: Penny Fernandez

A MySQL dump database is more than bits of ones and zeros. It represents your untiring hard work of hundreds of hours that you have invested in your website. It is the core of your site, heart and brain together. It is also fragile like the human heart itself. Even a small mistake or loophole can wipe off your valuable data and leave you helpless. This can happen to you if you have not created a dump database from where you can immediately retrieve all lost data in case of any such eventuality. Any such event will destroy your hard work and you will lose your customers.

It is more than important that you create a backup of your database. You should regularly create database dump at fixed intervals of time. Any delinquency in these matters might unquestionably result in a catastrophe. The wise Zen master once said, “The person who smiles at the end of the day probably created lots of backups.” You will sleep better if you make it your habit to frequently create backups of your database. With a simple database dump MySQL command, you will secure your hard work and win the trust of your customers.

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Of course, there are a number of commercial solutions available in the market that claim to provide a hassle-free and effective way to back up your database. They are also very costly and proprietary. In case of any problem, you will have to rely on their customer support. This might eat up your precious time. They usually compress your database using proprietary algorithms, and you will not be able to restore your database if your software license has expired. So it is better to go to old schools and back up your data manually by creating a dump database.

The dump database creates a copy of all your data that can be used if the original data has been lost. This approach can be used to back up any size of data. With much commercial automated backup software, there are limitations on the size of data that can be dealt with. With the database dump, you do not have to worry about what to choose and what to leave while creating a backup. You can blindly copy all of your data to another secure place, without leaving anything. In this way, you will always have a spare copy of your database. Remember tocreate backups after shot periods.

While this old school approach does not provide you with the luxury of automated backups, it does ensure that you will never have to cry for lost data. It does increase a bit of your workload, but, nevertheless, it is the most reliable way to secure your data. By creating a dump database, you will save considerable amount of money on automated backup software. It also creates come concerns about storage space, as they say, “You can’t have everything.” Nevertheless, the storage costs will still be less than what you might end up splurging on those pieces of software.

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. By creating a dump database, you will save considerable amount of money on automated backup software.


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