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Why Companies Should Go Public Without A Public Shell Or Reverse Merger

By | October 12, 2018

By Jason Wilson

Many small companies often wonder how to take a company public. They may have heard in past years about doing a reverse merger with a public shell, which is a very risky transaction.

It’s a really bad idea to do a reverse merger with a public shell corporation. The SEC has made some adjustments that have made public shell corporations nearly obsolete. In these economic times, it’s much more difficult to get a buy a public shell, and the sellers of the shell many times cannot meet the standards when they are reviewed by the buyer. This is a process that the buyer can go through spending thousands of dollars on and end up with the transaction falling through completely.

If the seller of the shell doesn’t comply with the buyers requests and supply the documents necessary to sell their shell to the buyer. If the shell company cannot meet the buyers requests, they will not satisfy the due diligence requests of the buyer, and therefore it will not work. As you can see, this situation is very undesirable and only prolongs the process of going public.

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Reverse mergers, or RTO’s (Reverse Takeover) as a way of going public is something all companies should avoid at all costs. Filing a registration statement (typically an S-1 registration statement) with the SEC is a much more advantageous than a merger with a publicly traded company:

A. By filing a registration statement, it allows you to structure your company as you prefer. If you decide to merge with a publicly traded company or shell corporation, you must accept a shareholder base that you are not familiar with and who may sell shares into the market at an unfavorable time.

B. Using a reverse merger to become a publicly traded company rather quickly used to be one of its advantages. This is no longer true, because SEC rules now require that you have your financial statements audited when doing the merger. Prior SEC rules gave you 75 days to have the financial statements prepared. Also, the document which must be filed to report the reverse merger (Form 8-K) must now have the same exact information as the registration statement.

C. Costs are now much more substantial than they used to be. An OTC trading company will demand as much as $750,000 for the reverse takeover process. There are other ways to complete the process of taking your company public for $100k or less, with a small amount of stock included in the deal.

Being a publicly traded company can help a company grow in many ways. The best way to accomplish this is to do it without using a public shell or a reverse merger. Any company has the ability to go public, and with the new SEC rules in effect it makes much more sense to file the S-1 registration statement than to use other methods. It’s easy to see how the costs alone can really make this an easy decision.

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Are Retail Store Credit Cards A Good Fit For You?

By | July 15, 2017

By Morgan Hamilton

You should get retail store credit cards if you are just starting to establish a credit history. These credit cards still report to the major credit bureaus even though they are not backed by a major credit card company. You can get retail store credit cards from a retail store and you can only use them for that particular retail store. You can enjoy a lot of benefits when you get these credit cards.

It is easier to get retail store credit cards than other types of credit cards because the balance is low. If you default on your payments, the retail store can usually obtain their money easily without a huge loss. These credit cards work somewhat like a traditional credit card, but can they only be used at the issuing retailer’s locations. You can charge your purchases to the card and then pay the balance before the end of the grace period.

You will be charged with the interest if you are unable to pay the balance on time. You can easily get retail store credit cards because the retailer is guaranteed to get your business. The retailers earn profit every time you use the credit card because the card cannot be used elsewhere. The retailers can also make a little extra money off the fees and interest charges.

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Do you know that you can benefit from having this credit card on the moment that you sign up? You can benefit from a discount that many retail stores offer on purchases that you make on the day you sign up for this card. You can save money on your purchases and keep your money in your pocket on the day that you get these cards.

You can also receive a free gift that may be paired with the discount offer. You can get an umbrella, cosmetics or other store merchandise as a free gift. You may also get special notices about sales before the general public.

In the last few years, the popularity of retail store credit cards has increased. The additional perks that come with this credit card make it worthwhile in the eyes of many people. You can easily budget your purchases with the help of retail store credit cards. These cards can also come in handy for early bird sale specials. You can also learn how credit cards work and avoid overspending through retail store credit cards because you can only use your card at a particular store.

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