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Eiderdown, For A Princely Sum You Can Sleep Like Royalty.

By | February 25, 2017

By Lisa Stevens

You don’t have to be titled or a celebrity to sleep under the finest down comforter in the world. Eiderdown is an exceptional down that is very rare, gossamer soft with powerful thermal properties. Truly the connoisseur’s choice. It is expensive, but then it does last for a lifetime, and considering you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping, why not treat yourself to the ultimate in luxury for the bed.

Unlike goose down where there are tons available in the world, there are only a few thousand pounds of Eiderdown produced each year. This wild bird from far northern regions like Iceland, Canada and Scotland lines the nest with the down, the soft undercoating from the breast. When the nest has been abandoned the down is harvested and cleaned. Eiderdown today comes from farms where the birds are protected. Due to recent popularity of Eiderdown, it is in short supply and so the price has increased significantly.

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The Eider duck lives in a very cold climate and so the down clusters have powerful thermal properties. An Eiderdown comforter is super lightweight yet can keep you toasty warm in winter, with the windows open. It is also cool and comfortable in summer. The ultra breathable Swiss cotton batiste is woven especially for Eiderdown and is incredibly light and silky soft. An Eiderdown pillow is soft, but medium can be achieved by using an inner core of premium goose down, or you can use all Eiderdown, but this will be quite an expensive pillow.

For the fortunate few who are able to get Eiderdown, one night and they will understand all the buzz about Eiderdown, why it is incomparable to any other luxury down comforter or pillow. With proper care this exquisite bedding will last a lifetime and become a treasured heirloom.

About the Author: Lisa Stevens is a Comfort Specialist at The Down Store, 238 E.58th St. New York, New York 10022. Since 1973 she has been offering her expertise in the selection and care of luxury down bedding to all who visit or call 1-800-USA-DOWN. Look for her other articles on choosing the right down comforter and luxury featherbeds.


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Back Pain And The Benefits Of Proper Seating

By | December 3, 2016

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Back pain and the benefits of proper seating


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Back problems are a very common occurrence. Four in five adults experience back pain at some point in their lives with every individual needing specific treatment due to the backs complexities.

The back is made up of 24 bone blocks known as vertebrae. These are stacked on top of one another beginning on the pelvis all the way up to the skull. The vertebrae itself has what is known as disks between them acting as shock absorbers providing flexibility to the spine. The most common area that pain occurs in is the lumbar region, more commonly known as the lower back. This part of the back bears the weight of the upper part of the body.

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The most common occurrences of back pain are due to stress and strain. Standing badly, lifting incorrectly, driving in a hunched position and slouching in chairs are prime triggers of back pain to the lumbar region. For many people, sitting in a chair for long periods of time is part of everyday life. Whether you are sat in auditorium seating, university seating such as the campus armchair, stackable chairs such as the Race Kencot Chair watching a school play or sitting in office furniture at work, stress to your lower back could be causing damage. Comfortable seating providing the correct support and a conscious effort to sit properly is essential if you are going to avoid back problems.

A student s lifestyle is one that can trigger back problems later in life. Lecture theatre seating will see hours upon hours of students slouching in rowed chairs through their lectures. This means that muscles are slack and are unable to support the back properly leaving the back more vulnerable to damage from certain movements. Thankfully, general university and conference seating has vastly improved over the years. Educational seating now has the correct support in areas key to promoting good posture. Lecture seating includes the Kencot freestanding chair. Both ergonomic and stylish, the Kencot seating system is extremely adaptable, and with its slender profile. Gone are the days of single old wooden seats that caused aches and pains.

Now even stacking chairs such as the Stanway chair offer the correct educational seating position.

The correct seating posture and support are vital to avoid back pain in life. Especially for those who spend long periods of time sat down in one position.

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