Fonebell Cloud Phone Solutions For Growing Businesses

If growth brings satisfaction and pride then it also raises demands. Demands of more capital, demands of more efficient human power, demand of better technology and demand for better strategy. All are required to meet the expectations of the business stakeholders including partners, employees and customers. The birth of Cloud Phone Solutions is to take care of these expectations that emerge from all quadrants of a business.

What it does? Talking broadly, it reduces TCO (total cost of ownership) and operational costs. It cuts down average call abandonment rate, call-handling time and on-hold call time that make are major obstacles in streamlining growing call volume on account of business growth. The impact of cloud phone solutions can also be seen on the ROI (return on investment) and profitability that leads to sustainability of any business in this ever changing business ecosystem. Actually, the hunt for the ideal call center software solutions, for a visionary, never stops. He or she always looks for innovative and out-of-the-box solutions to restrain the emerging call center challenges in a successful manner to stand out from the crowd.

Hence, opting for the best cloud-powered PBX Business Phone System could be a key business decision. To help our readers and customers to pick the right cloud phone solutions for growing business, we are here presenting a checklist that discusses what to look for.

IVR (Interactive voice response): IVR is finding its way into every business operation from welcoming on boarding customers to entertaining existing and from generating sales leads to routing calls in the right departments. Self-service, the latest iteration often included with best cloud phone system is proving to be a game changer. It drastically cuts down the operational costs and provides round-the-clock access to customers to your brand or customer service.

HD VoIP communication: The vendor must facilitate cloud phone services understanding the needs of your business and it must allow people and departments to communicate with each other with great accuracy and precision. This ensures streamlining of the business operations and improving the business productivity. From customers point of view, it helps them to seek solution from their brands in a sound way and reduces customer dissatisfaction and hence customer churning.

Availability anytime: The selected cloud phone services must be accessible internally and externally. It means, your people, departments and offices should be in a position to reach each other without any barrier of time, anytime, from anywhere. Likewise, the prospects and customers should also enjoy the flexibility to reach the brands anytime from anywhere, preferably through a device of their choice. Marketers or the cloud telephony providers also term this as unified cloud phone solution that facilitates multi-channel connectivity via voice, chat, email, social media and community sharing platforms.

It must be cost efficient: Best cloud service providers for small business often keep their services within the reach of their takers. They often provide customized solution, after assessing the needs of the latter. The adopter also gets web-based control panel to manage the tools and features. He or she can keep and discard integrated features and services easily over the Internet by getting logged in to his/her cloud phone service account.