Found A Great Deal On Gumtree Johannesburg Cars For Sale But What If It Breaks Down?

Found a great deal on Gumtree Johannesburg Cars for sale but what if it breaks down?


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We\’ve all been in the situation where we desperately need to find a good used car and one of the most obvious and common sites are Gumtree Johannesburg Cars for sale. It\’s a great way to obtain cars for sale at discount prices and often you come away with a good deal – and then sometimes not!

It\’s such an difficult place to be – searching for a car and finding a private owner who is selling their used car for a price that\’s almost unbelievable, and in all truth it could be. But you lack the technical information to be sure that the car is mechanically sound and you just have a service book and your gut feeling to trust. I\’ve been in this situation a few times, but fortunately I\’m technically minded and know my way around an engine and can diagnose physical problems.

But what happens if you\’re not really a car expert, and whatever you want is a reliable pair of wheels? Well, the answer is very easy – you use to find a great used car near you. You see, all of the used cars for sale in Johannesburg, Pretoria and elsewhere are for sale from dependable used car dealers who offer warranties and at the very least a 1500km period wherein if anything should go wrong, you\’ve complete peace of mind. Now, added to this initial period the new National Credit Act protects consumers who are purchasing used cars from dealers. No more can a vendor sell you a \”as it comes\” car! They are obliged to give you a mechanical warranty for up to six months so that should something significant should go wrong, they have to help you fix the problem.

This is simply not to say that you should run back to the seller when the cars wiper blade wears out, but at least you realize that if something significant does fail, they will be in a good place to assist you to fix the problem and share the cost. Dealers know cars – it\’s after all their job – so it\’s improbable that they would offer you a car with problems.

They\’ve technical inspection and a vehicle assessor will make certain that the car he\’s buying for the dealership is in good condition. They also fix any little problems that they find before getting the car on the sales floor, so that they are sure of no comebacks. Generally speaking, the kind of car you\’ll buy from a used car dealer in is likely to be less prone to problems than a car you might find on the Johannesburg Gumtree.

So suddenly, buying a used car from a car dealer sound like a great idea! Thankfully not everyone needs to be a mechanic to buy a used car from

Buying from

Gumtree Johannesburg cars

might offer you a saving – but will it offer you a warranty? lists only dealer cars for sale for complete peace of mind.

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