How To Get Best Footwear For Your Kids

Submitted by: Ankit K Aggarwal

Kids are like blossoms. Whenever a kid walks first time our eyes fill with tears due to happiness. It s our responsibility to give them the finest pair of shoes so that they can walk with full confidence and comfort. As a kid does not know which shoe, sandal, slipper, etc would be better for him/her, so every parents should have the knowledge of all types of shoes, sandals, slippers, etc available in the market because it can affect your kid s overall health. At a growing age different children have different foot shapes and buying incorrect footwear may lead to incorrectly developed bone structure that is irreversible! So, parents should be very conscious while buying shoes for their kids that keep their kids always healthy and fit.

Today everyone is in a hurry. So, parents also prefer to buy kids shoes for their children from online. On online they get multiple varieties of shoes under one roof of different price range and sizes. And can access multiple E-Commerce sites to do shopping. Now, it s very easy for parents to buy shoes online for their child but the problem is how do they know which shoe will be of right fitting, good balance, superior comfort, good traction, arch support, breathable, less smelly, etc. Every E-Commerce sites promote their product by saying that they only have the best product and not tell us the complete truth about the product. So, it s easy to buy but very difficult to get the genuine and right product. But few E-Commerce sites provide 100% genuine branded products like ACTION s own official ecommerce site that provides 100% genuine branded shoes directly from their state of the art manufacturing plants. Millions of customers have purchased and millions are purchasing genuine shoes and getting the benefit of free shipping as well. They have shown all their products in very systematic categories that it very easy for customers to place orders online.


Parents should remember some vital quality points while buying shoes. In kids there are many different categories of shoes like school shoes, slippers, sandals, running and training shoes etc. Children spend almost 30 hours a week in a school and ill-fitting shoes can lead to problems in adulthood. So, for school style shoes it should be in complete black or white with good shine, don t buy over large shoes, as they can lead to injuries, should be extra cushioned to provide internal and external support, good traction on floors even more on wet surface because kids love to play with water, great in comfort, more flexible which let them play, walk and run easily, should be very light in weight, do not tire them quickly, good breathability because if it s not breathable then it gives very bad smell and could cause skin irritation due to sweat.

For slippers it should be fashionable, extra cushioned to absorb shock easily because they have the most soft feet, good grip on the floors especially on slick floor, very easy to wear, should be very light in weight so that they can move easily with a smile. For sandals it should be latest in style, colorful, light in weight, highly flexible, perfect in fitting, extra soft sole to absorb shock and with very good grip. For running and training shoes it should be right in fitting, easy to wear and remove, should be comfortable in everyday running and playing, good in durability for this sole should be PVC sole very light in weight, soft, flexible and long lasting.

So, if we keep few good quality points in our mind while purchasing kids footwear then we can get the right pair for them and always help them to stay fit and ahead of others. Always buy good branded footwear for your kids (read as Action footwear) as unbranded footwear may look attractive in the short term, but will bring a whole horde of problems with it in the future. Better safe than sorry! Happy Shopping!

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