The Advantages Of New Exterior Doors

By Adrianna Notton

The ideal exterior door would be affordable, attractive, durable, weather-resistant and secure. That may seem like a lot to ask of a door, but a variety of doors are up to the task. The benefits don’t stop there either. Exterior doors enhance the look of a home, inside and out. Exterior doors with glass panels not only let more light into the home, but allow homeowners to identify visitors before opening the door, improving security. Quality doors improve the insulation of a home, too, reducing heating and cooling costs. With a smooth operation and low maintenance materials, new exterior doors can add convenience to life at home as well.

For homeowners who are considering selling their home at a future date, the benefits of quality exteriors door are even more numerous. Home improvements that improve the appearance of homes traditionally have higher resale values than other kinds of home improvement projects. When it comes to recovering the costs of a project, an entry door replacement tops the list. Homeowners can expect to recoup 60 to 100 percent of the cost for entry doors when it comes time to sell their homes, according to a leading remodeling industry magazine.

Exterior doors are constructed with a wide range of materials, including wood, steel, fiberglass and aluminum. Many doors are made with a combination of materials. It’s the material on the surface that most affects the price of the door.



Wood remains the most popular choice for exterior doors, and wood is the material with the most decorative options. Maple, fir, cherry, oak and mahogany are just some of the woods used to craft wood exterior doors. Paint options are nearly limitless. Solid wood doors are the strongest and the most expensive. New finishes have made modern wood doors are hardier than wood doors made just a few decades ago.


Steel doors are considered the best choice when security is the top priority. Steel exterior doors are also the least expensive option. Cheaper versions demand periodic repainting. Quality steel doors may be clad in vinyl to make them more resistant to moisture, may be coated in wood fiber to provide a surface for paints and stains or may be laminated in wood veneer.


Fiberglass exterior doors are made from a composite construction. Fiberglass is molded over a wood framework filled with foam insulation. Fiberglass doors require no maintenance and are a good choice for areas with inclement weather. Fiberglass doors give the appearance of wood but are more durable than doors made from wood alone.


Aluminum exterior doors are can be custom built for homeowners as well. They are available from some door and window dealers. Like fiberglass doors, they are made with a insulation filled frame. Most homeowners purchase pre-hung exterior doors, with the frame included. New exterior doors offer a homeowner the opportunity to improve the look of the home, ensuring that the home’s first impression is a pleasant one.

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