The Ultimate Online Fun And Entertainment: Gormiti And Dora Games For Free

By Dean Kevin Mayor

Even online games are gender centered: dress up cute little games fort girls, and action packed monster games for boys. Now, there is one single place where you can find both types of games online for free, and be entertained by these. The Gormiti and Dora games you are going to find at Arcaderush are suitable for little children, but sometimes even you as an adult can have tons of fun if you let yourself immersed in these little adventurous games.

The Gormiti section features the cute monster in several adventures, but there are quite a few games that are highly educational. Sometimes children simply are not interested into playing a memory game, unless it features something of high interest for them (such as the cute gormiti character!). Moreover, you should remember that little children have an enormous imagination, and that they can learn much better and faster if they are taught through playing. Such online gaming portals can become a retreat for the little ones for a few hours, and while they think they are only playing interesting games, in fact they are strengthening their memory, or learning to spell and read. Here are a few top Gormiti games that they can play:

— The Memory Game- kids have to match the gormiti characters in this game. Instructions are very easy to follow, and this is game suitable even for the very little ones.

— Gormiti coloring- colored pencils and coloring books are fading away from the trend nowadays when the computer has become so common in kids’ lives. This little game will let their imagination run wild, and while playing, they will learn the colors. Educational, entertaining and great fun!


— Gormiti Jigsaw- a puzzle fun game made of 49 pieces. Not too difficult, yet brain teasing enough for smaller children.

Some other games in the category include Dangers of the Deep, Blazing Ball, or Gormiti Leap of Fire. Given the fact it has already been said that even games are gender centered nowadays, time has come to introduce the cute games for little girls too: the Dora games. These are also very educational, and they are designed to teach your little one in the easiest and most entertaining manner how to read, how to spell, how to differentiate the colors, how to count, and many more such basic notions. Among the best Dora games we can mention:

— Dora saves Map-

— Dora Say it Two Ways- an English-Spanish little word game, where kids learn a few basic words in Spanish. Fun and very educational.

— Dora’s Food Pyramid- one of the most popular games featuring Dora, where kids will learn through playing the food pyramid- important facts about the nutrients that they need in order to grow up healthy.

— Dora’s Magical Garden- together with Dora, kids will learn how to grow vegetables in the garden. Amazing graphics and a very cute soundtrack!

Enter the gaming portal, choose the game that you think is most suitable for your child, and watch him learn new things effortlessly!

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