Walt Disney\\’S Rude Secrets Exposed

By | July 12, 2014

Walt Disney\\’s Rude Secrets Exposed



Walt disney has consistently been a household name for decades. Walt disney remain a stable and also a dependable starting place for children\\’s movies and entertainment of all kind. As a result of the marvelous and secure amusement which is supplied by means of Disney, families have come to have confidence in them. The majority of parents would joyfully plonk their toddler down to view Alice in Wonderland\\’ or Robin hood\\’ and not think greatly regarding it. These videos are considered family movies and safe and sound for children. A lot of parents are however uninformed of the subliminal messages which are hidden in Disney videos. If their dad and mom were informed of these hidden messages would they still allow their kids to watch these cartoons?

One of the subliminal messages was on the front of the videotape case of \\’The Little Mermaid\\’. The box at a first look seems to be inoffensive with a good-looking golden tower like construction at the back of the key characters. Upon looking closer it will become clear that one of the gold structures has the appearance of a gentleman\\’s genitalia. The similarity of this structure is not just a mild similarity but it is so alike that a individual may well come to the assumption that it was premeditated. There does exist a rumour regarding The Little Mermaid\\’. It is that one of the employees had become angry at Disney and was soon to be quitting his post. To voice his anger he had thought it was a good idea to pencil in this rude structure in the backdrop of the image on the videocassette box. Regrettably there has never been any evidence to propose the cartoon was intentional. Nonetheless Disney made a different video cover soon after the dispute about the picture. This suggested they acknowledged that the picture was indeed perverted.

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An additional one of Disney\\’s secret messages was from their movie The Rescuers\\’ though this time the picture seems to be much more intentional. As the two little mice zoom along inside a tin of sardines a point in the background of the cartoon might catch your gaze. If you slow it down and look closely into one of the windows of a apartment in the background you may observe a female who is entirely naked. The woman is leaning outwards and closing her drapes exposing her exposed breasts in open view. Undoubtedly this is noticeably relatively a shocking figure for any parent to catch a glimpse of. No parent wants their kid to be subjected to adult things such as nakedness whilst enjoying a movie that is produced for children. The most shocking part about this image is that the cartoonist who added it inside the film must have produced it on purpose, since there is no means to accidently add such a image into the cartoon.

The ending hidden message I know of is from the notorious movie The Lion King\\’. The subliminal message inside this movie is very debated as to if it was planned. After the lion Simba falls downward wearily on a rock next to the edge of a cliff, a quantity of dirt flies up into the air. If you pause the movie as the dust flies up, people may well spot that the dust spells the word \\”sex\\”. The claim of this spelling such type of a word within a children\\’s cartoon is relatively a big one in spite of this in view of Disney\\’s track record with such subliminal messages, like the one in The Rescuers\\’, would you be shocked? I think people ought to be very undecided as to if the dirt was in fact a mistake.

At the moment we have learned about three of the various concealed messages in Disney videos but there is something we can all reach agreement on. No matter if you think they are just a coincidence or whether or not you believe they are planted there on purpose. The truth is that they are still in the movie, in spite of of their causes for being there. Considering these reasons would you be ok with your kids viewing these motion pictures? Do you think that these concealed messages are filtered and ignored by the innocence of kid\\’s brains? Or do you think they could be able to disturb the youngster later on during life? These are questions that most people with kids may possibly ask themselves prior to watching a Disney cartoon with their young children. Maybe there are additional hidden messages which perhaps no one has even noticed yet? Time may reveal itself. However for several troubled parents, this will not put their uneasy minds at ease.

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