What Could You Use A Recording Device For?

What Could You Use A Recording Device For?



There are many ways to use a recording device as well as types available for different purposes. These can be used commercially as well as for home use. Some recording devices are just for sound while others have movie cameras attached to capture the imagery, too. Over the years, even cell phones have become equipped with the ability to record and play back sound and picture recordings. Here are some ways the wide world of audio and visual recording devices can be used.


Audio only: – Answering machines: On voicemail or old fashioned answering machines, a caller’s message can be recorded after a prompt from the person who owns the phone. Typical voicemail messages include: “Hello, this is Blank and I can’t come to the phone right now. Please leave your message after the beep.” Beep. That’s the signal for the caller to say: “Hi, this is George. Call when you can.” – Toys: Some dolls and stuffed animals have devices in them that allow the child who owns them to record something like “Hi. My name is Teddy Bear.” Old fashioned toys had strings to pull which would activate the ready-made messages to be uttered. Early dolls were Teddy Ruxpin and Chatty Cathy. – Practice public speaking or other skills: Individuals who are learning public speaking skills can record themselves and listen to how they sound. If a child is learning to read, he or she can practice reading aloud, record it and then play it back. – Games: A fun child’s game is to record of lots of different everyday household sounds such as the doorbell, a vacuum cleaner, a dog barking and a toilet flushing. One person plays the recording of the sounds and the other guesses what they are. This is a good game for auditory sensory discrimination. Audio/visual: – Birthday parties: It’s fun to have a movie of children’s birthday parties to play back for years to come. Opening the gifts, blowing out the candles, eating the cake, singing the happy birthday song – these all make treasured keepsakes. – Weddings: It’s become a tradition to not only have still photographs of a wedding ceremony and reception but to also capture the momentous event in movie form. No one wants to forget the happiness, beauty and even comic blunders that occur on this special day. – Births of babies: Nowadays, many new parents capture the birth of their infants with recording equipment. It’s such a miracle that it’s helpful to be able to play back the event to prove that it actually happened. – Nanny cams: In daycare centers and with in-home nannies, it’s reassuring for parents to be able to check in on their wee ones with nanny cams. – Surveillance: In order to monitor a property for safety, many businesses and homes have surveillance cameras in place. There are lots of different kinds of audio and visual equipment on the market today. An individual can use a recording device to perform a function, to learn from, to capture a memory and for safety reasons.

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What Could You Use A Recording Device For?