What To Evaluate A Seo Company

What to Evaluate a SEO Company


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Many companies choose to hire a SEO company to optimize their site. Most of the time, the companies who hire the SEO company don t have a good grasp about SEO so they need help. There are several things you should take into account when hiring a SEO company.

The SEO company must help you to optimize the site navigation. In this way, the search engine can crawl and get the pages indexed. The SEO company should help your site to have a proper navigational structure by making sure each page is linked with each other. They are supposed to make sure that there is no broken link. The site navigation should be positioned in a place where people can see it. There should not be too many links on the page. The maximum number of links allowed on the page is 20 links.


Pagerank is not an important factor in the search engine ranking. It is only used to measure the popularity of the page. It may take some time for the pagerank to increase. As the SEO company perform the link building, you should be able to see your pagerank increase. You can find out the pagerank to your site by installing the Google Toolbar. Alternatively, you can use the pagerank checker tool to check the pagerank of your site. It is recommended that you unsubscribe from the SEO company if your pagerank did not increase after months of signing up with them.

Illegitimate SEO companies will tell their clients to submit doorway pages to the search engine so that they can drive targeted traffic to their site. Doorway pages are pages that are optimized with a rich keyword density. Doorway pages are also known as portal pages, and gateway pages. It is easy to identify doorway pages. The content in the doorway pages are designed to be read by a robot and not human being. Since the content is heavily stuffed with keywords, it will be difficult to read it.

In addition, people can easily copy the content in the doorway pages and submit it to the search engines after making minor changes. When users land on the doorway page, they will be redirected to another page. For example, if the user search for fishing equipments and click on the link. Instead of showing the actual page, they are redirected to the doorway page which contains lesser information about the fishing equipment you sell. If you find out that the SEO company use doorway page, you should avoid it.

The SEO company should publish the contact information on the site. Examples of the basic contact information which you should be able to find on your site include telephone number, office address, email address, and fax number. SEO companies that don t publish the contact information on their website look suspicious. It seems as if they don t want customers to contact them. Without a means of contact, it will be hard to check the progress of your site. Even if the site has a lot of customer reviews, you should not buy their SEO services. If the SEO company lists their contact information, you should give them a call to make sure the provided telephone number is valid.

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